Saturday, January 19, 2019

Kali Diaries 7: End Game (2019) Movie Review C) Dan's Movie Report

Above: Lauren Mary Kim and Amy Johnston. Video: Vlad Rimburg

Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report readers. Hard to believe it was almost 18 yrs ago I first heard about Lauren Mary Kim was all the way back in 2001, when she was a dancer. In fact she worked on a few projects and one of them was here in Miami, so we met and chatted, Even back then, I could see the passion and drive to succeed.

Boom, fast forward to 2019! What a ride, now with nearly 150 projects she has worked on in stunts and action and more recently she has created a cool series of her own called Kali Diaries. In Kali Diaries 7 Lauren has outdone even her own lofty standards by producing a hot new short complete with wardrobe, kick ass setting, and expertly crafted filming by Vlad Rimburg. Amy Johnston, star of Accident Man, Lady Bloodfight and Female Fight Club is brought along for the ride and virtually goes toe to to with Lauren for 2 minutes Bo Staff vs Sword!

Here is the official full Kali Diaries 7: End Game trailer: 


With this level up action, Lauren and Amy once again prove they are at the top of their game, and Vlad shows he can still kick ass with quality HD video, and dynamic angles, displaying the power and beauty of the ladies along with the brutality.

The film is excellent, by adding in some costuming and a more exotic action location, Lauren and Amy are allowed to draw on their athletic prowess, and Vlad is able to have the audience feel the action! Overall, the two minute blast Kali Diaries 7: End Game is a hit, a 9 out of 10, and should win some action festival awards!

This film can be seen on the new platform The video site allows users to monetize their films and the people who going the site can pay to download HD quality video while supporting the particular person or film.

For Lauren Mary Kim: Blast her YouTube Channel for more action! She has 6 other Kali Diaries films and her stunt reels on there!

The full credit listing for Kali Diaries 7: End Game is:

⚔️ KALI DIARIES 7 End Game
See exclusive full fight at
Rematch Fight against Amy Johnston

Shot & Edited Vladislav Rimburg
Fight Choreo Alvin J Hsing Brendon Huor
Makeup & hair Talya Boz
Props Brad Yuen
Weapons Top Quest Inc.
Location Caryn Mower
Wardrobe Dolls Kill
Spray Tan Sun Spa Tanning
Representing V10 Stunts

Get ready for a hot, 2019 interview with Lauren Mary Kim about her Kali Diaries series on your home for exclusives, Dan's Movie Report.

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