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Director Tony Tilse Interview (Grisse Chat) (C) 2019 Danny Templegod

Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report readers, once again another exclusive interview! Here we go travelling all the way EAST to Indonesia and chatting with the director of the new HBO Asia series Grisse!! Tony Tilse is quite an engaging gentleman, as he also worked on the Miss Fischer's Murder Mystery show and Ash Vs the Evil Dead! After interviewing Kelly Tandiono who worked on the Grisse, I know I had to get in behind the action, saddle up and prepare, time to tackle some western action with Tony!

Very cool behind the scenes video from Grisse. This video has further information about the cast as well! 

DT: How were you approached to direct Grisse?

TT: I had worked with HBO Asia and Infinite Studios on two previous projects “Serangoon Road” and “Grace” so was delighted to be ask back to do this "Nasi Goreng" Western. Also I have found working in the region very inspiring and the crews are fantastic.

DT: On IMDB it says you directed one episode and Mike W. directed unknown episodes, was the series a collaboration, in Wu assassins several people directed the series with Roel Reine directing two of the episodes I think.

TT: Mike Wiluan was the show runner and I had worked with Mike before when he was producing. I ending up directing 6 episodes, with Jiyuan Ler from Singapore directing Ep 6, and Mike directing the finale.
Grisse was very much a collaboration, as everyone pushed hard to make it a success.

DT: As a director, describe your style is it up close to the actors or pulling back and speaking loudly the instructions?

TT: I’m more “up close with actors" style but enjoy being loud during action scenes

DT: I noticed in the show trailers the sets looked very elaborate, were they all build for Grisse or existing buildings?

TT: All filmed on the backlot at the fantastic Infinite Studios at Batam, Indonesia, with a lot of the street having been built but also a few have been repurposed from existing sets.

Above: Promo poster of Grisse (C) 2018 HBO Asia (Used for promotional purposes only.)

DT: Do you like to get feedback from the actors, or is it more I have an idea in my head and I need to explain my idea to them? I notice some directors really like to direct, to dictate pace and dialogue, others like the actors to get into the character and collaborate on direction.

TT: It’s a bit of both - It’s important that the actors feel free to bring their experience and character into the piece and I’m open to ideas that I may not have thought of, but still need to keep the overall vision.

DT: How has the series been received so far? I am assuming the final episode of season one has aired, any discussions of season 2 or was this a one off mini series?

TT: We have had a great response to the series and a world wide release this year. Would be delighted for a 2nd season.

DT: Finally Tony chat about some of your hobbies and then discuss any new projects you have in the works?

TT: I’m currently completing a feature film “Miss Fisher and the Crypt of Tears” as well as developing on another Asian based horror series.

DT: Again thanks so much, if there is a final thought you would like to add or advice for aspiring film directors, please let my audience know.

TT: Watch lots of movies, understand what you're most passionate about. You don’t have to know all the answers, find your collaborators. Always be proud of your movie.

Check out the trailer for the show:

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