Friday, October 2, 2020

V-Force Movie Unleashes A fantasy Action Trailer! (C) 2020 Dan's Movie Report - Danny Templegod


Above: Don Wilson and Juju Chan in V-Force

Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report and readers, was checking my Facebook this morning and Actor Don Wilson posted a trailer to the movie he worked on a few years back called V-Force.

The movie was shot in in early 2016. I spoke to Don about it a couple of years ago, he was unsure, I tried to find out about it as well. 


 Above: V-Force trailer (C) 2020 Fantastic Entertainment

Don had this to say on his Facebook Page: “I met Billy Zane in Sean Penn's house in Malibu many years ago. Later, he would work in a Roger Corman film at the Production Studio in Venice, California. I stopped by his trailer and said, hello. Again, "many years later", we would work together in this fun 'All Girl Super Hero Movie", "V Force"! I was asked to appear in just a couple of scenes as a "cameo". He was perfect as "the mad scientist" and he had his "monsters" kill me at the end of my scene. Well, I can't complain because every time I work with friends in my films, they end up dying too! “

JuJu mentioned to me that the movie could end up on the sci-fi channel. We shall see. I will reach out to the production team this month to see the status! V-Force is directed by Frank E Johnson

Frank is an amazing talent and has worked on a variety of shows including the A-Team and Walker Texas Ranger.

Essentially V-Force is a sci-fi action film with robots, supreme fighters, wraiths, fighting a special force of ladies. The movie was shot in Portland, Oregon. I recommended JuJu Chan to be on the project and she was cast along many stars such as Billy Zane, Keith David, and Bruce Dern. Curious to learn more!

Watch for more on Dan's Movie Report and, in the mean time check out this cool trailer from fantastic films!!

Check out the IMDB page for full cast listing:

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