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Haphazard (2019) Movie Review (C) 2020 Dan's Movie Report - Danny Templegod


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Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report and Action-Flix.com readers I decided to purchase the Amazon release of Haphazard. One of the beautiful things of buying a movie, is the indie people are supported directly and secondly the opinions are more realistic, thus no agenda. I have interviewed several people in this film prior Ron Smoorenburg. Selina Lo, Byron Gibson and Dean Alexandrou. My relationship with them will not have a bearing on my review, yet I have some strong opinions, positive and negative.

Haphazard begins with a fight, then a narration by Selina Lo, discussing the story about how she met a man name the Pilgrim. There is a slick opening montage.

A recon satellite was shot down or crashed, but we never see it shot down just hear about it but we are shown a room where it is being monitored. Then the film cuts to a fire dance in which the signal is active for the secret hard drive contained. Nrox 42 satellite contents needs to be recovered. The next 80 minutes are comprised of several parties going for the hard drive, Dean Alexandrou creates a rather intricate yet simple plot at the same time. Hard to explain, but I got more out of this film upon second viewing.

The genre is action, yet the humor interspersed makes the film seem more light hearted. Smoorenburg's character Ronnie, just is non stop flirtatious and inappropriate comments, kind of funny yet Selina Lo's Siren gets the best lines. “If this was a real fight I would have taken a fork and shoved it through your eye socket” The best line is when a guy who hit her motorcycle and knocked her off and asked her want me to call an ambulance, and she calmly says “You're gonna need one!”Whoa, Selina calm the hell down, I told her in a direct message you looked adorable in the movie and she said “I was going for fierce, but I will take adorable hah!” Selina has a pretty amazing double sword action fight later in the film. Watch for a 2021 interview after Boss Level comes out.

Look for Byron Gibson and Damon Whitaker in supporting roles they are both excellent of course, very natural actors. The acting overal is good with the main characters, but some of the side characters not so much.

The movie flow is a minor issue there is downtime and story development then a bunch of fights at the end. The final fights are extensive and I would have liked to see a cut away to some sort of plot development, yet the stories were explored earlier in the film.

Actress and stunt specialist Tanja Keller has a great fight with Dean on a boat and in short, I loved the fight, did not enjoy the camera work, angles and distance, I wanted to see some close ups not drone nor shaky type of camera. I realize the boat itself is the problem, but the fight lacked some of the impact.

There is a Russian agent who dresses in silly costume, and her acting is really bad and forced, I mean if that was the character, I was just annoyed by it. I feel that she kind of was not needed or could have been a voice on the phone.

Being this is an indie film, the sound track itself is good but in headphones, the recording is hollow and tinny and I have tried several brands of headphones that I own in ear and over the ear and was like, how come the thin sound. 

The original music composed for the film is great on Hollow Point and fits each part.  Composer Nicholas Rivera takes his time going over each scene to set the mood and tone. The fight sequences have a undulating, tense tone, while the quieter parts seem to blend with serenity allowing the viewer to breathe between action. Nicholas is amazing and deserves to be considered among the greats in film composing, as he enjoys his work and feels the passion of the stories he scores.

The video editing and transitions are pretty good and keeps the movie a tight 90 minutes, some scenes are really well lit and there is a massive fight in a private club where it was so dark the action was hard to see. I wanted to see it.

One briefcase so many people want it, yet the urgency of the film is chilled pace except when Dean is doing some free running chasing, then it picks up to frantic. Actually Dean did a film called Dohard that has a similar type of chase and Selina using double swords.

Selina Lo is the Haphazard highlight with Dean's energetic fighting skill close behind. Dean is an upcoming film maker and the quality is improving wish each production, I also reviewed Time Rush as well. The amazing Daniel Zirilli is listed as one of the producers in Haphazad, always collaborating he is, wanting to build people up.

Finally, what more can be said about the stunts, Charlie Ruedpokanon leads a masterful group of stunt performers and the result is epic action. The action is tense, artful and copious!

I would say for $1.99 for a rental and $7.99 for purchase, Haphazard, even with the flaws is worthy of a buy and rates a 7 out of 10, initially I was going to do 6 out of 10 but a second watching and Selina Lo leaving people broken all the while looking great was refreshingly entertaining! I hope there is a DVD eventually, I still enjoy physical copies.




Daniel Zirilli Pop Art Film Factory FB page @ https://www.facebook.com/popartfilms

Dean Alexandrou: https://www.facebook.com/deanalexandrou

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