Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Stunt People breathe life into Movies, Videos, and TV

While I wrote for Sirens of Cinema Magazine, kungfucinema.com and Vengeance Magazine I did several interviews with a wide variety of stunt women. Thanks to all of the ladies! Ming, Chona, Angela, also all of the fantastic ladies of the V10 stunt organization www.v10stunts.com As a writer I feel that stunt performers especially the women are under appreciated amongst the literary and news community. They are the ones who take the risks. Women have to often enndure hard painful falls often without much padding as they are the ones with slinkier clothing on.

Recently I saw a video from Chris Brown in which stunt woman Tammie Baird basically threw herself onto a moving car crashing into the windshield. This stunt was not only fantastic in its execution, but also very dangerous. People like Tammie and other stunt women who put their lives on the line for literally 1 to 3 seconds of screen time have my utmost respect.

(Tammie Baird vs car on Chris Brown's Next 2 you video) OUCH!
Photo #1 HD video screen cap by Danny Shamon
Photo #2 by Kristian Dowling/PictureGroup) 2011 Kristian Dowling

For more info on Tammie go to http;//www.tammiebaird.com

For male stunt performers, I respect their fighting ability like Chyna McCoy and for high falls, none better than the legendary Dar Robinson who actually did a 220 ft free fall for Sharky's Machine. All stunt performers deserve praise for their hard work and dedication.

Link to Ming interview in Vengeance Magazine 2004-2005

Click on images for full sized readable interview.

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