Saturday, August 27, 2011

Actress/Musican Eileen Daly shows her thorns in new film "Rose"

"Rose" is currently filming in the UK. Actress Eileen Daly, best known for the legendary 1998 vampire goth film "Razor Blade Smile" also wrote some of the music for the film, in addition to starring in it.

Eileen's band The Courtesans are currently writing new material and have appropriately scheduled a show for Halloween! For more information on Eileen's happenings impale your browsers to: Below is a pic from her official site, Eileen is all ready for fun!


The Plot: ROSE knows only the moment and in every one of those moments she feels her flesh like a butcher handles meat. Her flesh bleeds and burns, her flesh is pain, her flesh earns her money to get things that hide the pain for a short, stolen brightness. Rose is a prostitute and BLONDIE is her pimp, a crime lord and his empire, his realm of Hellville collapses over a few days, and the catalyst is one of his whores, Rose a seemingly insignificant single mother and junkie. Rose is the secret lover of Blondie's right-hand man (TONY) and the only man he trusts to call friend. Tony is Blondie's chief enforcer and helps run the Hellville Club, he is also a bare-knuckle boxer, the fading reminder of a missed opportunity as a professional fighter. Rose desperate for a fix turns a trick for cash not knowing that Blondie is having her watched. ELLIE, Rose's daughter is in tow, a silent presence in her mother's dark world. Rose, Ellie and Tony, the three of them an imperfect little family bonded through pain and suffering struggle to escape to find a better part of the imperfect world to live in together. Rose must find the inner strength to reclaim her life and escape the hell that is Hellville.

Summary written by Stephen Loveless

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For Eileen Daly's facebook page go to!/pages/Eileen-Daly/114907398539446?sk=wall

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  1. Looking forward to the movie and for the long overdue update to Eileendaly.Net


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