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Bai Ling Interview! (C) 2011 Danny Templegod (A Dan's Movie Report Exclusive)

Photo Credit: Bai Ling New movie role!

Every writer seems to have that one person they would like to interview, but somehow it was not meant to be. I was between writing magazines at the time all music related. After watching "The Crow" I thought, maybe after 10 years and many concerts I would write about movies, Fast forward to 2001 and Sirens of Cinema Magazine. I reviewed one of Bai's movies the Breed, and tried through several Channels to contct her, all to no avail. That mag folded, Then Vengeance came, still tried, better magazine, still failed. Now it is 2011, through the magic of Facebook and twitter, I have ditched the PR Agent, and found her! Her recent Celebrity Rehab show on VH1 is the first time I have witnessed anyone on that actually really go through the treatment and not take it as a Joke. Here is our story raw and unfiltered.

Me-Why Did you go on the Roof of the Celebrity Rehab house?

Bai-It was the only place I could find that there were no cameras. I wanted to be alone and to have private time, and not to be followed. No I was not going to jump.

Me-What is the most difficult aspect aspect of the rehab process?

Bai-Yes, The hardest thing is to admit you have real problems, to show your most inner-self.That is the one thing that most scary to face, like the shadow in my life...

Me-I think you have to get to your lowest point to climb out and succeed. I know I have had to deal with my dad's suicide for 16 years.

Bai-Wow you speak through your soul, so wonderful when you are at that state of mind and let your high power speak to you, so so beautiful. I hope watching my story unfold comforts your soul for the loss of you Dad, I know he is in peace and he is watching over you.

Me-Do you feel that the on camera rehab has helped you more than private rehab? Maybe help you look at yourself?

Bai-Yes to answer you yes!,SO hard for me, last Sunday I drove along the ocean till 4am aimlessly lost, wandering, I talked to strangers, I cried so much...The emotions were let out. So much more difficult doing it on camera because you open your wound and weaknesses in front the world, its has been so hard for me, I'm still trying, striving to better myself.

Me-Not going to go Like Amy Winehouse?

Bai-I will not, because I appreciate life so much so much, I am so lucky to experience life this way so deep and close!

With Bai working through her problems we discussed her acting and the prospective work she would like to tackle in the future.

Me-What genre of movie would you like to explore in the future?

Bai-I would like to do a big comedy movie, sometimes I am really funny, because I trust what I say and I don't really know much :) (Hahaha)

Me-That would be an interesting turn for your work, what directors and actors would you like to work with or for?

Bai-I'd like to work with James Cameron, Steven Soderbergh,John Favreau,The Coen brothers, Judd Apatow, Todd Philips, Tim Burton, and Johnny Depp.

Me-All challenging people to work for. Well respected, and solid story development in directing. Do you believe these trusted names will help you refocus your acting career. Take it back to the respect Level of Red Corner and The Crow?

Bai-You give me a smile, I want to do it all, comedy, action, drama, even musical, my heart so open with joy now because I believe I have a gift as an actress. Take a deep breath be light as a feather,a smile will enter and take you away from where you are to where you should be,all we need to do is trust. Life is a test we all on a journey a beautiful one, so keep striving, the beautiful light is just so near I know and see...

Not all interview subjects need have to be 20 pages to get to the point. Thanks to Bai and her willingness for honesty I have looked at my own life again and re-focused. Since Bai and I are the same age, we have half a lifetime to pursue our respective passion. Destiny drives the Dream! Danny Templegod (C) 2011

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