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P!nk: All I know So Far (2021) Movie Review © 2021 Dan's Movie Report – Danny Templegod


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Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report readers. I slide into the music realm with a review of the latest Amazon Prime Special. P!nk – All I know So Far. As many of you know I used to do music reviews in the 80s and 90s and I love watching band biographical films. P!nk is an artist I admire, and she filmed life on the road in 2019 up until and including the massive show at Wembley Stadium.

The documentary shows a lot of P!nk as a mother juggling life on the road with her two small children the youngest being basically a toddler. Her attitude is upbeat and charismatic. I love the way she speaks to the people she takes on tour with her. She considers them peers not underlings. The interactions she has with concert organizer, specifically, minor spoiler, she tells them that a dual set of ramps should be built in order for her to move between parts of the extended stage, she even kind of draws it, but she is not egotistical, she just wants a better show. P!nk was a gymnast first so she loves to do the acrobatic moves, yet she also values her time on the stage grounded, and to not have to run around and possibly fall. She also details a harness mishap, but she likes figuring things out to make it work properly the next time.

P!nk is fearless, yet with her kids she seems to let loose and enjoy things like playing around. Her husband ex-BMX legend Carey Hart. Also her own daughter actually goes home from the tour a bit to be with her friends at a Summer Camp. She actually told her mom she misses her friends, and she was honest, like her mom.

Actually P!nk and her family were eating outside and pair of fans were dressed up and she complimented them, also another fan saw her and rather than being like all rude he just said, I am a fan and am going to your concert! I mean even her fans are cool, well this was the UK, people are more reserved right? Hell I have no clue, Haha

Overall this is just an epic flick! Kudos for Amazon, for going all out on this documentary and for P!nk making it available for her fans for free on Amazon Prime! P!nk is an amazingly talented performer and an even better mom, seriously, she takes her kids opinions and dreams to heart.  I rate P!nk and her look inside her 2019 tour a rousing 9.5 out of 10! Perhaps the best tour documentary I have ever seen. My only minor gripe, wish it was about 15 min longer!

Incidentally P!nk Just recently performed at the Billboard Music awards of course an aerial performance this time with a twist, her and her daughter were on the aerial ropes and it was just amazing. In an era of bad lip syncing P!nk would never do this! Respect!

You know the Drill for information! Go get the Prime! 

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