Friday, August 5, 2011

Mission Impossible Costar! Tom Cruise on top of the man made world!

As a fan of big, bad guy action movies and ass kickin' cars, December release Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol has them both. With Tom Cruise dangling from the top of the Burj Khalifa, that is the 1/2 mile high tower in Dubai, tallest man made structure! This is for his new movie MI: Ghost Protocol!

Yes that is him, yes that is 1/2 mile up on the spire! Thanks to Gerald Donovan for the fantastic Ariel Photo!

Not to be outdone his costar the multi-million dollar hybrid BMW I8 gets over 60mpg, seats 4, and the top speed would be near 200mph if it was not electronically limited to only, only 155. The electric engine will power the car for 20 miles, the diesel engine with only a 6.6 gallon tank will blast you 400 miles! The redesign for the movie is below

Photo credit: BMW

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol Mark it down for the holiday season! 12-21-11!

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