Tuesday, September 13, 2011

10 Dead Men - Movie Review

In my eager anticipation of Ross Boyask's production of Warrioress, I decided to watch and review one of his earlier films 10 Dead Men. The film is a basic story of revenge on 10 men who were responsible for taking away the life of Ryan (Brendan Carr) by killing his fiance and unborn child.

Throughout the entire film a narration runs explaining to the viewer the story. To be honest, I didn't really like it too much at first, but due to the short length of the film it did seem to help fill in the back story of the characters who harmed the lead actor. I do wish there were more speaking parts to further develop the story.

The acting was not too bad for a low budget film, even though there was very little dialogue. The guys who were supposed to look fearless and brutal did so. The ones who were supposed to look meek and scared also played their part.

The action was almost non-stop, and was obviously the best aspect of 10 Dead Men. The fights were fast and furious, with some quick cuts and brutal climaxes. 10 Dead Men is a guys movie, in fact all of the characters in the film were guys except Ryan's adorable fiance Amy (Poojah Shah) and perhaps the most vicious, brutal, violent, and cutest thug of them all, "Dominatrix" - portrayed with sexy zeal by Cecily Fay.

Above Pic: Cecily Fay as Dominatrix in 10 Dead Men

This is a good film, definitely worthy of a rent or a buy, especially if it is action that is desired. I rate 10 Dead Men a 6.5 out of 10.

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