Saturday, September 3, 2011

From the UK! Warrioress wrapping post production!

Why should guys have all the fun in sword and sandal films? From the UK comes Warrioress. Two female warriors in a journey to fulfill their destiny is the basic plot premise for Warrioress. The film is in the vein of Xena, and should prove to be interesting,sexy and full of action, as the lead actress has a 20 year martial arts background. Blast your browsers to

The Cannes trailer is @

Actress Cecily Fay from her official website.

Lead actress Cecily Fay has a very diverse background. She is a Martial artist, dancer, gymnast, and a musician, even working on the score for Warrioress! Check out her official site @

To view Ms Fay's martial arts demo on you tube kick your browsers over to

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