Thursday, May 17, 2012

200,000 Hits!! Tila Tequila Exclusive Photos! Rock Of Ages Photo and More!!

Before I start this column I would like to thank all of my readers for propelling Dan's Movie Report to the 200,000 hit plateau! Your support, comments, (good and bad of course haha) make this site what it is!

 As A special thank you, I present a couple of exclusive photos taken by me of Tila Tequila back in 2004! I know what you are thinking, but zip it! Tila was very cool and allowed me as an independent photographer and writer an opportunity to do a short photo-shoot with her at a Hot Import Night event in Orlando. One photo from the shoot was published in Vengeance Magazine, these two were never published anywhere! To Make larger left click and expand! For up to date info on sexy Tila, slide your Firefox over to her Facebook page which has 1.7 million likes! Tila Official Facebook

Above Photo Credit: Danny Shamon (C)(2004)

Above Pic: Tom Cruise as Stacey Jaxx (Warner Bros. Entertainment) Click to make desktop size! A little somethin' for my lady readers woohoo!

Rock of Ages is set to scream into theaters on June 15th, watch for reports and photos upcoming. Check out the brand new trailer and video of Mary J. Blige singing Any Way You  Want it have been posted on YouTube Check out these links below!

Mary J Blige Any Way You Want it

Rock Of Ages Trailer #3

For more info and other various links stage dive your browsers over to the Rock Of Ages official site @

In other news...

 Above Pic: Krystal Vee Image Credit: (Boaz)

Watch for updates from actresses Natassia Malthe, Zara Phythian, Cecily Fay, and Krystal Vee shortly, search Dan's Movie Report for past interviews and photos for all of these talented ladies.

Keep an eye out for movie related CD and mp3 reviews which will happen shortly on this site. I will be reviewing music in the movies and music I think should belong on a movie soundtrack.  First up on the review list will be Sledge/Leather's "Imagine Me Alive"   Check out this five minute sample of the band off their upcoming DVD!  Link to the band's website is at right of this page!  Metal Up!

Finally I have to thank these  three individuals for their faith me in the beginning of Dan's Movie Report: Chyna McCoy for encouragement. Check out his Bayne Project @   Writer director Kantz, for being my knowledge base on the insides of movie making, Martial Artist Jovelyn Minoza, who was kind enough to to be the first interview on Dan's Movie Report site. Click Link to read it.

Keep reading Dan' Movie Report for more news, photos, info, and watch for a new contest in the coming months!

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