Sunday, May 6, 2012

5-22-12 Get Ready For Black Cobra to Strike!

Click the link above for the 90 second blast of insanity that is Black Cobra!

Clean the laser lens on your dvd and blu-ray players, and have the antivenin ready as T.J. Storm as shows off his lethal strikes in the new Lion's Gate DTV release Black Cobra! While selling illegal Black Diamonds to have his father pardoned in South Africa. Sizwe Biko (Storm) is double crossed and meets up with a myriad of violent thugs standing in his way. The film was originally titled When the Cobra Strikes based on a book by the same title. There is a trilogy of 20 yr old cop flicks called Black Cobra starring Fred Williamson, no relation to that series. This is a 2012 title full of fists, kicks and several ultra talented stunt performers front and center ready for face time butt kicking in acting Roles! Watch for veteran actor Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa  as Goro Tanaka, Veteran martial arts champion/actress/stuntwoman Stephanie Cheeva takes on dual jobs in the film as one of Black Cobra's producers and plays the character Shihan Kris. Stunt Veteran Jade Quan, plays  Jade, she may be small in stature, but her speed is legendary. Also watch for veteran stuntman Jeff Wolfe.

The imdb has the full cast list and producer list of this collaborative effort @

Check out martial arts master/actor the charismatic T.J. Storm @ eyeofthestorm

For More info on Stephanie Cheeva check out her site @ Purefilm

For Jade Quan, kick your browsers over to her youtube reel @ Jade Quon Reel

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