Friday, July 13, 2012

The Limelight Movie Review

Got a very cool e-mail from Glen Maney. He wrote, co-directed with John Robson, and starred in his own film appropriately titled, The Limelight. Glen plays a down on his luck underground comedian, Gary Shand. The sardonic and sublime humor in The Limelight is decidedly British, but even as an American I enjoyed the dark comedy tinged with some sexual, but realistic undertones.

Gary has dealings with several bizarre characters along the way, including a landlord, who he paid in postage stamps! Haha, and an agent who books him at local comedy venues then conveniently, does not pay him. He often visits a local watering hole, where the bartender seems to offer a few words of wit and wisdom.

Technically  The Limelight is well shot in HD, but the sound is a bit on the thin tinny side. The settings and backgrounds set the tone of the film, and it is obvious that Glen knows from experience the depths of character development.

The humor is an acquired taste, as a few of the cast are from The Eastenders. My favorite scene is when Gary meets up with a sexy blonde lady named Sara Meo, (Sonya Roseman), she asks him do you want to go somewhere and Gary mentions the zoo, and the monkey cage. What she meant was she wanted to be "with" him. Eventually the two wind up in a hotel room, already booked by another, but available for 1 hour, he freshens up, she falls a sleep, perhaps out of being bored to slumber, by the time he imagines what can happen, nothing does! HAHAHA! Sonya is quite fetching, a good actress, and it would be hard to imagine a bloke, ah my British is coming out, not wanting to shag her! HAHA!

There is a surprise twist at the end, one you definitely cannot see coming, I won't spoil it, but it is a fitting end to this irreverent look at the British comedy scene.

I like it, I rate The Limelight 6.5 out of 10 not for everyone, but if you like dark British humor, this film is a great effort.

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