Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Forger Movie Review

 Above Pic: Poster for The Forger

Doing a little research, I found out that this film was actually shot on a 24 day shooting schedule in 2009 before the release of The Hunger Games. Actor Josh Hutcherson hones his acting chops in this drama revolving around Art forgery and how one is lured into it.

With the sometimes lack of originality in Hollywood, I enjoyed the intricacies of the plot of the Forger, although I wish there was a bit more on the action side, but this is strictly a drama. Hutcherson plays Joshua, a young kid with a gift, not only is he a good artist, but he has the ability to copy paintings. He is a good artist in his own right, but is shown the cash he can make if he forges masterpieces and sells them.

Josh Hutcherson is hungry, not for killing, but for art in The Forger (C) Barh Productions Inc. Screen Cap: Dan's Movie Report

For a film that only took 24 days of principal photography I am quite impressed how the scenery and background are so detailed, and every attention to the setting is portrayed and sets the mood of the complex characters. Characters move from scene to scene with little effort, thus making for a rather impressive film from the technical aspect.

Lauren Bacall and Hayden Panettiere do a solid job in their roles as Anna-Marie and Amber respectively. This is a well acted drama not over the top preachy but exposing the lucrative but sordid world of art forgery.

I rate The Forger a 6.5 out of 10, wishing there was more plot action, a longer running time than 96 minutes to flesh out the characters,  but well worth a 3.99 amazon rental.


  1. The one main thing that bugged me throughout the movie was the fact that everyone just wandered on into other people's houses and the only one who got in trouble was Josh... and only in the first house. (I could go further and ask how totally coincidental it is that a talented painter kid HAPPENS to break into a house where a high end art forger lives... and the high end art forger HAPPENS to need a new painter to create his new forgeries because his old forgery painter is gone... and the kid just happens to find the basement, paint a masterpiece, then fall asleep in the guy's bed... only to sidestep going to jail because the forgery dealer happens to be friendly with the local judges)


    This movie sucked.

    Everyone showed up for a paycheck and it's late night cable TV filler. And to that I say, good for them.

    1. I disagree. First of all, The Forger is a book. And I appreciate how the movie is exactly like the book, not changing much. The movie (I think) has an interesting plot, all the conflicts going on. His mom left him, he was left homeless nowhere to go, tries to find a place, almost goes to jail, thinks he is getting helped, has no choice on living with Evirly, used him, steals cyanide necklace, meets a girl, relationship problems, his mom is found but he's never found, cries, Ane-Marie takes care of him, he was abused by his mother... There is just so much going on, very suspenceful. But the acting was good, characters were well described. Josh (my favorite actor) did a very well job with all these movies he paints and draws in because he admits he horrible! XD Buy I loved it! VERY WELL JOB FOR ONLY 24 DAYS! ALL OF JOSHS MOVIES ARE AMAZING! SO BACK OF, WE DONT CARE IF YOU DIDNT LIKE IT, DONT BE HATEFULL! Thank you. Josh is amazing btw! <3


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