Friday, August 10, 2012

Cynthia Rothrock Orlando Seminar Saturday August 11th!

Above Pic: Cynthia Rothrock and Jeff Moldovan, Rob Ray Photo Credit.
Jeff Moldovan and Cynthia Rothrock Report that the women's self defense seminar was a success on Thursday night. Join Jeff and Cynthia for an informative and fun four hour Seminar, tomorrow Saturday August 11th. For more information click the Seminar link on the right of the page, or call the following number for info-  407-886-7233. 
Special Thanks to Kung Fu Queen, Cynthia Rothrock and daughter Skyler for a great seminar tonight at TLM's Fighting Chance.Thanks to all students and instructors for helping out. Thanks to all the new folks that turned out for the event. Everyone did great and very proud of all of you and especially honored to have Cynthia spend time with us and to share years of wisdom, experience and skills with us. Looking forward to saturday's Hong Kong Style Film Fighting with the Queen of Kung fu action films. 1-5. TLM's Fighting Chance, 2040 North Rio Grande Ave. Orlando, FL 32804. Cost $100.00 at the door. $80.00 for anyone that attended the prior film fight festival in June...
Follow above link for more info.

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