Saturday, November 10, 2012

Gut Movie Review

Not sure where to begin about this relaxed paced thriller about two friends who have a past. Tom (Jason Vail) is a family man with a sordid past, which his friend Dan (Nicholas Wilder) brings up by inviting him over to watch snuff films. At first Dan states that these films were sent to him in the mail, but then comes clean and slowly Tom and Dan roll down to a path of self destruction.

Normally I have no problems with violent visceral films, but Gut has a pace that is just a bit to slow to develop. The first part of the film actually does establish some of the background of the characters, but with sparse dialogue, the viewer is forced to fill in the gaps. In Dario Argento's Deep Red the atmospheric story lends itself to long interludes sans dialogue, but as a viewer I wanted more interactivity between the characters in Gut, and more liveliness.

Negatives aside, Gut is effective, as a creepy mysterious horror, if culled together. The acting is decent, and probably was subdued on purpose to force a seething, silent disconnect between characters, and the audience. I really enjoyed Sara Schoofs, and her portrayal of Tom's wife Lily. She shows emotion and a pensive attitude. Sara plays the character with concern, but her underlying, oblivious nature to his past life, seen through her eyes, makes Gut more effective as a thriller.

Above Pic: Tom and Lily in a quieter moment of Gut

Gut stresses routine as the two friends ate at the same diner every day and even the same food. Gut is analogous to a punch in the gut as it wakes the senses from the mundane existence like a punch in the stomach does.  The friends work together, but the subversiveness rears its ugly head toward the end.

Gut is a rather slow ride, but the ambling journey is somewhat worth the trip. Gut Rates a 5 out of 10 and worth of a rent. I am curious what director Elias and producer Anna Ganster will come up with next, I am sure that their twisted mind will be active for future productions. One caution with Gut, this is a very violent and sexual film at parts, so not recommended for under 18. Gut is available for rent as amazon instant video follow the link below.

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