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Showgirls 2: Penny's From Heaven Movie Review

Above Pic: Showgirls 2: Penny's From Heaven Poster.

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This film came clear out of left field like a curveball. Following the release of the first big budget Paul Verhoeven film the rights to a sequel have been up in the air. Actress Rena Riffel who played Penny in the original film has actually created a sequel loosely based on her character, giving some sort of a back story. All Screen shots are able to be made into wall paper by clicking an enlarging.

Above Pic: Sexy Rena, shows how to "work" it! HAHA (C) Rena Riffel Films Dan's movie Report Screen.

Ironically this film has more substance than the original Showgirls on merely a shoe string budget as it pokes fun at various aspects of the showgirl industry including the seedy side of audition, and the cut throat business. I first saw Rena Riffel in a very provocative film called Undercover Heat with Athena Massey. Her salacious humor is refreshing, in that film, and actually her acting ability is pretty solid. Penny's From Heaven is a two and a half hour showcase, actually produced by Riffel herself. As an independent writer I respect anyone going about it virtually alone. Riffel did have a small roll in Mullholland drive and Penny's from Heaven has some influences with that including a bit of violence mixed in and kinkiness.

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Penny's From Heaven opens on the seedier side of Las Vegas, Penny has a warrant out for her arrest, is shown the door by Actor Glen Plummer's character and she begins her unending journey to Vegas stardom. Her journeys range from lap-dance auditions on a pool table to full choreographed dance numbers.

Penny's From Heaven focuses far less on the nudity and sex, then the actual process of trying to become a showgirl. Don't moan this, actually this fact makes for a more entertaining film in-spite of the extremely limited budget. There is nudity, but the dialogue drives Penny's From Heaven, and actually is quite clever at times.

Above Pic: A sophisticated Rena meets the high society. (C) Rena Riffel Films Dan's Movie Report Screen

Penny is convinced that ballet lessons will further her career. Penny's from heaven turns to a deeper social commentary, than Verhoeven, all be it a more sardonic one. It has a campy feel, like a twisted David Lynch film, on the one hand, like an Andy Sidaris film on the other

Overall I like this film, my one major complaint that a two and a half hours is a bit long to sit through, but there is enough material to provide some laughs, some titillation, and a somewhat unusual look into the life of a showgirl just starting out in the business, thus offering a new perspective.

Showgirls 2: Penny's From Heaven rates a 6.5 out of 10, worth a rent and is available now on AMAZON video, check the link below. Also visit the website @ http://www.Showgirls2movie.com

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