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Assassins Run Movie Review (A.K.A. White Swan)

I first saw lead actress in Sofya Skya portraying Ligeia in the 2009 film "The Tomb", not a great film, but her portrayal of the tragic character is artful, she radiates with grace and beauty. Fast forward to 2013, Sofya portrays Maya, ballerina wife of billionaire business Michael, portrayed with smarmy seediness by Christan Slater. Although American, Michael, unbeknownst to him, is intertwined in the Russian Mafia, as the companies he owns have ties to the mob.

The main plot is revealed when 1/2 billion in bearer bonds are siphoned from several companies owned by Michael to an offshore account. Maya is left to take care of her daughter Nina.  The second half of Assassins Run becomes like a bit like Taken, as Maya uses her ballerina flexibility and skills to fight through and get her kidnapped daughter back.

Above Pic: Sofya in a prison brawl in Assassins Run (C) 2013 Lions Gate films

Actually due the flexibility and strength of a being a real professional ballerina Sofya has a natural ability for kicks and spins, and gives rise to a type of ballerina-fu haha. Sofya has an expressive face, and her English is steadily improving.

Assassins Run is far from a perfect film, but showcases Sofya's emerging ability and is a solid independent effort. Having further developed secondary characters would have been preferable. --Spoiler--- Christian Slater's character is killed 25 minutes into the film, usually I do not like to point out plot devices, however keeping him alive until at least the final portion of the film, would add a bit of balance, and more tension in Assassins Run. Especially due to the fact his character was well established in the first few moments of the film --End Spoiler--

Making the transition to acting from dancing, and learning English is a daunting task, I respect Sofya, and hope to see more of her. Lions Gate's Assassins Run is a developmental step for Sofya's young talent. Lions Gate, often takes the lead in developing young talent, and presents independent films with relative unknown leads, for that I respect them.

Esthetically, the film is a work or art, melding music, art, crime drama etc...The actual filming process, art direction, and cinematography of Assassin's Run has the feel of a bigger budget film. Filmed in Russia, allowed for a big scope.

With regards to the plot development of the film, would have liked more of Slater, and additional character development in Assassins Run. The ending however, leaves open the possibility for a sequel and further development of Cole Houser's Borris character. Overall I rate Assassins Run a 6 out of 10, worthy of a watch if action crime drama's make your blood boil.

The film is available for pre-order on Amazon, Link Below

For Sofya Skya, check her official site @

An interesting 30 minute preview on the film is on Youtube @


  1. How terrible is that poster photoshopped by a 12 year old?? Im over supporting actors getting poster & lead billing only to die in the first 20 minutes of a movie OR just hardly be in it. Dolph & JCVD in the last universal soldier, Channing in GI JOE 2, Slater in this ISNT in the military and doesnt use a gun at all...So what is with the poster???

  2. shittest film ive seen this year

  3. i would like to know the title and singers to ending song in the credits.. i cant find it any where.. can someone please help

    1. "Before You Slipped Away" - Performed by Sofya Skya (The actress playing Maya)and Jon Kahn. Written and produced by both Jon Kahn and Bernhard Penzias. Courtesy of INDIANRUNNER, Inc.(BMI) & BERNELANDS MUSIC PUBLISHING (BMI). It's not available for sale at this time, however, I did find the following link:

  4. The lead actress tries to do the job... but she can't save the bad plot, bad direction and ridiculous ending of this very bad movie.
    There is absolutly nothing new there, you've already seen all the scenes *hundreds* of times before in *much better* written and directed movies.
    4/20, for Sofya Skya's descent acting, 0 for the writer & director.

  5. What is the connection between the cover of the DVD which shows CS in full combat gear have to do with the movie? Are we to assume he was a former Delta Force guy before he decided to buy a refinery?

  6. It is not a movie - it is trash. No director, No script.

  7. pls can someone tell me name of song which played in 33:30- 34:00 min., pls cant find it


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