Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Web Series Humber City To Premiere 4-30-2013!

Recently there has been an explosion in the popularity of the web series genre. The rise is exciting and dynamic, and allows for independent producers and directors to hone their craft, gain exposure, and possibly sell the rights to a network for distribution. Some series even have millions of views like Mortal Kombat: Legacy. Watch for more coverage on web series upcoming in 2013 on Dan's Movie Report, but first up is Humber City.

Humber City is an indie feature episodic crime drama, and premieres online at 8pm U.K. time, April 30th 2013.

Check out the teaser trailer for Humber City on You Tube: 

Click the following link for more promo videos from the cast of Humber City

Plasmafire Graphics are continuing the endeavor on creating new posters for Humber City in anticipation of the first episode of Humber City. This all new one sheet features Zara Phythian as DS Caroline Silvers -

Art by Plasmafire Graphics, Promo Photography by Shay McGreal.


Show Discription: A British crime drama web series with character, action, conspiracy and political unrest. In a city desperately in need of hope and salvation.

Small business owner John Radford (Michael Justice) finds himself in hot water when his deal with notorious crimeboss, Carl Southwark (Kenny Richards) begins to unravel.

"Darkest, Before the Dawn" stars John Carrigan and Joseph Stacey with guest stars Kenny Richards, Michael Justice, Sophia Agnew, Alex Bennett, Adam Bakes and Martin Upfold in a script written and directed by Peter Goundrill

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