Saturday, May 11, 2013

Star Trek Into Darkness blasts into theaters!

Fans in the UK get the opportunity this weekend to view Star Trek Into Darkness, a week before the U.S. 

I know I have my tickets for May 18th. Keep reading for exclusives, a Star Trek Into Darkness Movie Review next Weekend, and other surprises, only on Dan's Movie Report!

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  1. Finally, a great summer movie. At last. This movie is better than Iron man 3 because it has a strong negative role played by Benedict Cumberbatch. He steals the show. His acting is superb. Not good to watch this movie in 3D. Movie is action packed. Never a dull moment. But, the ending of the movie leaves us expecting more. I'm sure we'll see Khan back again in upcoming star trek movies. The only this the movie doesn't have is a motive for the villain. A movie worth watching. Star trek fans may not like it as much as others may like it. The Bromance between Kirk and Spock is in abundance, which is illogically logical. Just one more thing. "Live long & Prosper"

  2. I am a fan of Star Trek from the days of the original series appearing on NBC in primetime. I was a bit apprehensive before the previous movie when I heard the roles of Kirk (et al) were going to be recast. Although it took a little getting used to, I am quite pleased with the result (and, like Sheldon, I do like Zachary Quinto as Mr. Spock).

    All that being said... I love this movie. I sat almost as close as I could to the screen and watched it in 3D. Mistake. I loved the 3D, but the action on screen came from every direction, and the glasses aren't really designed for a wide viewing angle. Had I known what I now know, I would have sat halfway to 3/4 toward the back of the theater.

    I won't give it away, but there was one scene where a part of me was screaming out "SAY IT!" - but it went unsaid. If you've seen the ST movies with Shatner (et al), you'll recognize that scene when you get to it.


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