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Rhino Season (Fasle Kargadan) Movie Review

Above Photo: IMDB poster of Rhino Season

Above Photo: Mij Film poster of Rhino Season

Hard to believe, but three out of every five readers on my site are not based in the U.S.! I have always enjoyed foreign films, and am going to make a distinct effort to review more films released outside my home, to expand my own mind and enlighten my readers. I put both posters up on Rhino Season, as they represent a contrast in approach to marketing the film.

Rhino Season is an amalgamation story, merging real life facts of an Iranian poet sentenced to prison, interspersed with sparse yet moving dialogue, telling the tragic story of unrequited love. A ubiquitous, unnerving, silently truculent, man hired by Sahel, (a poet from the Shah era in Iran), forces himself on his Sahel's wife Mina. 

Above Pic: (C) 2012 MijFilm Dan's Movie Report Screen.

Rhino Season is told mainly with a series of laconic phrases, the dialogue is so sparse, yet the imagery speaks volumes, with of the severity of the story. Monica Bellucci excels as Mina. Monica portrays the character as a young woman with her husband, as the film progresses the audience is treated to Mrs Bellucci as an older woman, who's character has air of melancholy , throughout the whole film, and especially amplified upon being told her husband is dead.. A particularly poignant scene occurs in the beginning set in 1979; While driving her around, the man screeches the car to a stop and professes his love to  Mina. Throughout the whole movie, he just will not give up, following her, waiting outside her home etc...There are some really disturbing things he does to Mina further on into Rhino Season, which I will not spoil, but they ultimately seal his fate. 

Salacious and audacious, Rhino Season is a triumphant masterpiece of film, seething with imagination. The film has copious amounts of allegorical content, and an original filming style. We witness a shower of turtles, yes I said turtles, a turtle is shown shell side down and manages to struggle to right itself. Much like the characters in the movie who struggle with their own inner demons, the scenery, camerawork, and landscapes all merge to form a singular entity in Rhino Season. 

A particularly interesting side plot involves "ladies of service" who's car breaks down and ask the man to drive them around. At first glance, the sub story, seems irrelevant  however later in the movie, the two ladies are again brought in. I see this plot point as a way to show how little he cares about his own life with his obsession with Mina, the two beautiful young ladies mean virtually nothing to him, even though they end up at his house. Belcim Bilgim, portrays one of the ladies he meets up and is very convincing in her role. Ms Bilgim is very natural on screen, radiant and beautiful, almost as if she is not acting, hope to see more of her in the future. .

Above Pic: (C) 2012 Mij Film. Dan's Movie Report Screen. (Monica Bellucci)

Monica is again, an ageless wonder in film. She has portrayed virtually every type of character imaginable in her career. Bellucci states in recent interviews she likes to challenge herself. From Irreversible to The Matrix, I will go on record as saying she is the most versatile European actress of my generation, not afraid to show raw energy, underlying sadness, seething anger, and aloof irreverence. Rhino Season, sees Monica, in a state of demure sadness, covered including head-scarf, as she portrays the Iranian Woman. 

Rhino Season, is a writer's dream, however, decidedly, I will wrap it up, (or else I will write 1,000 more words), by saying, find a way to see this film.   For sapient film buffs, the imagery and the ending will stick in your mind long after the closing credits. I rate Rhino Season a 9 out of 10, yes, it is that good. For simpletons, minor IQ film folk, and those who hate foreign films, stay the hell away, this film is not for you!

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