Sunday, May 5, 2013

"American Ninja Warrior!" Exclusive Set Coverage!!

The NBC reality show American Ninja Warrior has been around for awhile, this year  the production has decided to take the huge stage show to South Florida and a few other locations in search of a few brave souls who are keen on action. The course is chock full of peril and danger, allowing local contestants to prove their worth and advance to the finals. I found out about the production through. The live show allows audience members an up close look at the action.

Thanks to action stuntwoman/Actress Tamiko Brownlee I found about the taping in the South Florida area at Bayfront Park, and have decided to attend. Professional people like Tamiko are on hand to set up the rigging and test the equipment prior to the contestants taking on the difficult course.

I went to the taping at 10:30 PM at Bayfront park in Miami on Sunday May 5th. The massive set took up most of the park, while the stage lights illuminated the balmy South Florida night. American Ninja Warrior is an obstical course show, in which contestants compete against time, and various station obstructions to advance.

The course in Miami begins with a side to side hop to platforms over a water tank. Afterwards, the contestant has to climb onto a platform jump onto a moving apparatus and swing over another tank of water. The hardest point in my opinion of the course follows with a pull up style ladder climb to a thin wall then three leaps to successive walls each further apart, then there is a hand-bike gear crank across a beam which bends upwards. The final part is a massive 30 ft. wall climb inside a plexi-glass structure, contestants must use their hands and feet to ascend to the apex.

The audience is seated very close to the action, however, the people are not forced to be in a particular place, I followed some of the contestants as they navigated the course, rather than stay seated. Sorry folks I chose not to be on cam, more covering the event.

Overall I had a cool time, watched the hosts do some of their promos for the new season. Host Angela Sun was off in the background, I watched her having a bit of fun with the contestants, filming promos, she has a good attitude about the show and seamed to enjoy herself. 

The competition actually went on till 5am! I figured 10:30pm til 2am was enough for me to take it all in. Looking forward to when the Miami segment airs, incidentally the course varies cite to city to keep things interesting.

The American Ninja Warrior begins airing on NBC July 1st and also airs on G4 TV! Check your local listings and the official site @

Special Thanks to Tamiko for giving me some inside info on the production. I made contact with one of the female contestants Heather Kluch, she said when she gets back home to Illinois, she will send me a message about her experiences.

Above Pic: Tamiko from her IMDB page

To learn more about Tamiko Brownlee, who will be featured in an upcoming interview on Dan's Movie Report, check out her IMDB page @
In addition, view her action reel @

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