Thursday, October 31, 2013

Jeff Moldovan Memorial Fund "Urgent!" Please Share. Bring His Remains Home!

R.I.P. August 23rd 2013 Jeff Moldovan, please help to bring him home.  All funding will be used to bring his remains home. Thank you! Dan's Movie Report supports this cause, Cynthia Rothrock, Rob Ray, Mandy James Morgan and many others.

On August 22, 2013 Our beloved friend Jeff Moldovan passed away.  he was in Venezuela on a week long journey teaching TLM's Fighting Chance Defensive Tactics.  One morning before the day's training had even started, he suffered a fatal heart-attack.  For many frustrating reasons and mis-communications, to this day Jeff's remains are still in a mortuary in South America.  Delays, cremation costs and fees have risen above and beyond expectations.  We are now scrambling to raise the money to bring him home  where he belongs.  Jeff gave so much to all of us.  He touched many lives by selflessly teaching the gift of survival.  He often taught his techniques out of the goodness of his heart, without monetary gain.  If Jeff touched you, like he had so many others, then please help me bring him home.  Donate to the Jeff Moldovan Memorial Fund.  Even the smallest amount can make a big difference.  It is a travesty that he still sits in an Urn in a strange place, unclaimed.  His memory deserves to be honored.  Thank you for your donation.

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