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Lizzie Borden's Revenge Movie Review

Above Pic: Poster for Lizzie Borden's Revenge (C) 2013 Tomcat Films LLC.

Greetings fans of Dan's Movie Report. Before I start this review, I will state that Lizzie Borden's Revenge is an ultra low budget film. I rate ultra low budget films based entirely on a scale relative to other films in the category. Although my scale ranges from 1 to 10, I try to assign a viewing factor, as in must buy, must rent, or pass, or cautionary on rent or buy. Lizzie Borden's Revenge will realistically only appeal to individuals who watch lower budget films on a regular basis. So if you want to watch,  a theatrical budget horror slasher film, do that, and enjoy, for my indie fans read on!

From Tomcat Films comes Lizzie Borden's Revenge. The film opens up in 1892, showing the axing of Lizzy's parents, blood is splattered everywhere. Jenny Allford portrays Lizzy, and is seen right before the opening credits gazing into the mirror. Fast forward to 2013, there is a sorority party, a bunch of girls, in a house with Leslie Borden, a direct descendant of Lizzy, well wouldn't you know it the girls decide to try to call to the spirit of Lizzy. The girls also play truth or dare in slinky clothing, as they slowly get wasted on alcohol. Apparently Lizzy Borden's ghost needs a body, and decides to take over Leslie Borden's body.

I really wanted to like Lizzie Borden's Revenge, but as a single location thriller it falls flat, as a ghost story it also is lukewarm at best. The actresses try their best to work meandering through the limiting source material, but ultimately it is the uninspired story-line that slows the film's impact to a crawl. None of the dialogue is particularly meaningful to the plot in Lizzy Borden's Revenge.

Jenny Allford does a decent job as Lizzie, and the movie opening is pretty cool, and includes a nice Brinke Stevens cameo as Lizzy Borden's mother, but the fact that the modern house is so well lit throughout Lizzy Borden's Revenge, there is just no jump factor, no stalking, nor an impact build-up to the film's climax.  Most of the time the girls hardly appear concerned, hell even I would be running  away if an ax murdering ghost in a host body is on the loose, even if said ghost is cute, adorable, and in the clothing off position.

Finally there is full frontal nudity in the film, this is a family blog, but I will mention there is no sexual contact, just one of the characters is walking around naked, as she is supposed to be Lizzie Borden in the host of Lesilie. Disjoint, and very tame for the subject matter, Lizzie Borden's Revenge rates as tepid 4 out of 10, a possible cable watch only.

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  1. the movie is cute , the girls are decent but the rest is amateurish . the lighting is good for stills , but not good for motion. too bright with no emotions. the camera operators are disturbing (guys go to google and look for camera sliders or small cranes), and for Pete's sake MOVE that camera! all shots on a tripod and still : you don't do that with motion! The sound is also disturbing: use some echo if you don't know how to process it. Basically you need to learn the basics, there are several good books available. it will cover the transition from stills to motion. because you guys used to shoot stills, correct?

  2. lol.. I thought this was a porno

  3. Apart from the sexy half naked girls to ogle at this film is pretty poor. The redhead playing Leslie is especially gorgeous. I didn't know this was based on a real girl called Lizzie Borden who was acquitted of killing her stepmother and father in 1892 and the rhyme in the film was real too. My rating 5/10 just for the pretty actresses.


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