Sunday, October 6, 2013

Upcoming on Dan's Movie Report! Exclusive Andre (Chyna) MCoy Exclusive Interview!

As a writer there is always the one person who has supported you from the beginning, Chyna was the first ever post on my site, gave me strength to begin anew! He was there for me both times I was in LA, not only giving me rides, and showing me around, but supporting everything I have done fore the past 13 years. Now that my site has attained a level I can be proud of, it is time to get real, get personal, get brutally honest, and go one on one with an action legend, rising from the stunt world, to starring in films, now to working on creating his own dream. Watch this space for interviews, and exclusive pics! In addition to his own film development, Chyna leaves for China again to shoot yet another project! Action, re-action and more action, In a word, Chyna!

In the meantime check out his exclusive work @

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