Sunday, November 10, 2013

Dracano Movie Review

Once again valued Dan's Movie Report readers, a trip to low budget theater. Popcorn, check, comfy chair, check, and time for liftoff! On the heels of perhaps one of the more wild titles and indie films of all time, Sharknado, in which a tornado full of sharks is unleashed, comes Dracano! What is Dracano? Read the description!

Professor Simon Lowell () developed the technology known as K.R.O.N.O.S.  is a project developed to harness the energy of a volcano, by capturing the magma chamber, and dispersing the energy. Lowell is in the middle of giving a lecture at the university he works for when a volcano erupts, he puts his plan into action.

This Dragon has a taste for hot blonde girls! HAHA! Petra is on the menu!

One of his grad students Petra () is working on the sequencing near Mt. Baker to deploy the instruments and as the volcano erupts, she is close to the blast zone. Bang, not magma spews out , but um, wait for it, DRAGONS! Yes I said DRAGONS, dammit, I said DRAGONS!. Poor Petra is um, "dragonized", and fade to title! 

Along for the ride for this masterpiece of twisted scientific wonder, is Lowell's Daughter, Heather, played by () and fellow professor Carla Simms () The three flee into the desert, to escape threats, after his program was shut down following the mishap. Lowell, is desperate to search for answers. Professor Simms is at his side helping him. Pratt, Faith, and Nemec do a solid job here, as the three are the main focus for the majority of the film.

Carla shares a nice smile! As Victoria Pratt says on her twitter: "Fluffy, Blonde Land Mammal" is her description, I agree, very fluffy, and a blonde. 

The rest of the film is spent trying to figure out how to contain the dragon apocalypse. Expect humor, even more bizarre science, and more DRAGONS! How to save the world? How many dragons? Where do these dragons hang out, say on a lazy Sunday afternoon? Finally, what is the story of the volcano system? Watch Dracano, and trust me, you will learn everything possible about the intricacies of dragons and the magma chambers!

Wild science, dragons, gruff military personnel, probing news media, not a bad way to spend 90 minutes. The action in Dracano moves along at a decent clip, and the acting is decent. I  recommend Dracano, a 7 out of 10. 

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