Monday, June 16, 2014

Tigress Shark Movie Review

Shattering the myths of the nature of our most feared ocean predator Tigress Shark, transcends time. Tiger Sharks are amazing creatures, living in a tropical environment, most of my life, I cannot understand why we hunt, kill and try to destroy animals like this. We are not ocean beings, we are land mammals, however, as land mammals, who are naturally curious, we explore the greatest depths of the oceans, climb the highest peaks etc.

Over the past several years, sharks have come to the forefront of our existence , "Shark Week" etc, bad B movies haha!  Yes, the film Jaws started it in 1975. Recently, with the advent of high quality inexpensive underwater cams, everyone seems to want to document their bad ass side, by getting up close to sharks, more often than not provoking aggression.

In Shawn Heinrichs' masterful film, Tigress Shark, shot in the Bahamas, we witness a more serene and respectful approach. Brave underwater model Hannah Frasier, is painted a deep blue hue with markings so as not to startle or provoke the animals. The huge tiger sharks swim by, brush her, and yeah it is real, here is the behind the scenes shoot @

Hannah can hold her breath for two minutes, and was specifically in training for this amazing shoot. Never once do they say that this can be done, by anyone with a camera, jump in the water etc. Hannah knows the risks, but her movements are graceful, and she is as unobtrusive as possible. Crew are excellent, very informed, and knowledgeable. Nothing is haphazard, are there risks, of course, but the rewards are limitless.

Tigress Shark flows with seething energy. The film bursts with form as movement, flowing, at one and in tune with nature. Hannah is not only brave, but she has an serene, calm,  inner peace with with the massive ocean creatures. She has a feeling that she can co-exist with these huge Tiger Sharks, without intruding, flowing like water, fluid in space. I have to give this short film a perfect rating, because, it accomplishes what it sets out to do; inspire, awe, and motivate, and show respect and love for these amazing animals. Tigress Shark is a timeless classic, 10 out of 10.

The film is now on You Tube @

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