Monday, June 16, 2014

Amazing new Pirates of The Caribbean Inspired Fan Film: Swashbuckling Swindlers!

From the creative minds of Peipei Yuan and Wesley Scarpias comes this wickedly cool take on Pirates of The Caribbean as seen through the minds of Woo Ping! Obviously PeiPei, knows her action, and she likes to fight, but what I loved most about this, is how carefully she follows the coordinating efforts in the style of this master of the action, kicks to the stomach,  random 360s, low sword hits with jump overs etc, ledge balancing, Master Ping, is payed a fitting tribute!

Swashbuckling Swindlers is a short in length, under two minutes, but, makes up for in fun timing, and enjoyable costuming. PeiPei is an up and coming action star, and later in 2014, watch for her exclusive interview only on Dan's Movie Report!

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