Sunday, August 3, 2014

Reeperbahn - De Film! Exclusive Set Report! Exclusive Photos and News!

Before I begin, please check out this hot new trailer for the film Reeperbahn! @

Greetings to my valued readers, once again, as promised, Dan's Movie Report, will no longer do a regular news column! Coverage will be limited to those fine films who provide exclusive content! All of the content on this and subsequent film related posts, will be marked exclusive as I am either contacting the director or producer of the project. With that out of the way, I present the latest film from the German Director Timo Rose: 'ReeperBahn' Get ready to take a ride on the Red Light District in this amazing new salacious and provocative drama!

All photos! (C) 2014 Penn / Rouven ...Copyright by ScarMantic Pictures & New Flesh Films Dan's Movie Report Exclusive!

A short English synopsis: Reeperbahn is about the biggest red-light district in Germany - the "reeperbahn" in Hamburg. its a drama / thiller but also very brutal and rough (not bloody). the film centers around  few people, Sarah (prostitute), her "pimp" Uffuk (Turkish pimp) and his "boys", Sarah's best friend Tina (Tessa Bergmeier) and her brother Marcus (max evans). the movie tells the stories of each person and in the finale ALL will find tied together...not in a good way...! 

(C) 2014 Penn / Rouven ...Copyright by ScarMantic Pictures & New Flesh Films Dan's Movie Report Exclusive!

Cast and Crew info: New Flesh Film GmbH und ScarMantic Pictures International presents A Timo Rose Film - REEPERBAHN - Lisa Katharina Volk, Max Evans, Marc Engel, Nikolai Will, Tessa Bergmeier, Vaile Fuchs, Rebekka Mueller sowie Vanessa Eichholz, Andrea Rudolf, Jacky Ballon, Andre Koock und Nils Henftling - DOP: Christian Penn - Editor: Kai E. Bogatzki Make Up / Special Make up: Mai Huynh Producers: Timo Rose , Andre Koock , Wolfgang Hinz, Michael Kraetzer, John Meyers & Brian Maxwell Smith
Drehbuch & Regie: Timo Rose 

Over the coming months, and well into 2015, watch for this post to be updated with cast exclusive interviews and more photos, videos etc!

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