Monday, December 8, 2014

Kung Fu Femmes Celebrates 10 year Anniversary!

Hard to believe it was a decade ago I went to Dragonfest 2004! Back then Tony Laudti's troupe was called Chicks With Sticks. Tony , a film and TV editor by trade, came up with clever idea of featuring females front and center in the action, in short films, and in live action shows. Over the years the series has morphed into more detailed films, longer, and thematic.

Recently Tony and fantastic star Carly Sunae, (check interview) were honored at the Action on Film festival for best actress 2014.

Check out this cool photo below of Carly in the studio being interviewed by Del from AOF fest.

Above Photo: Carly Sunae (C) 2014 Tony Laudati for Dan's Movie Report.

Last year in 2013 Tony also was honored from Action On Film Festival for film of the year with From China With Love as top action short film of the year. Incidentally that film happens to be my favorite film from all of the Kung Fu Femmes series. Check my review here @

Recently Kung Fu Femmes launched a new cool series called "The Goddaughter" a take on "The Godfather" by Mario Puzo. The first two episodes are online now.

All of the Kung Fu Femmes videos can be found on the YouTube Channel @

Check out Kung Fu Femmes on Facebook as well @

To Order a Kung Fu Femmes Volume one DVD go to The dvd features several cool shorts including "Angering The Gods" with Amy Johnston.

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