Thursday, April 2, 2015

Furious 7 Movie Review

Above Pic: Promo Poster for Furious 7, used for promotional use.

Whoa, I know I usually stick to reviewing indie and lower budget films, but I must make and exception for Furious Seven. Actually in the title screen they spell out the word seven in a cool way, so I decided to keep it!  Sadly Paul Walker did not see the completion, but the movie had a well publicized send off for him, which I will not spoil.

In fact this is a "micro review" just a few short thoughts on this installment and the entire series. Furious Seven marks and effective "end" of the series. Obviously, it will continue, there is just too much money t be made.

In 'Furious Seven' there is so much action, copious car chases, but very little in the way of actual racing. The series has evolved into a crime drama, rather than a racing film. This is not a bad thing by any stretch, of course I think the new films will continue this trend. Paul Walker, as an original cast member is gone, what will happen to the franchise, which direction will it go?

They seemed in 'Furious Seven' to focus the attention on Vin Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez, of course Paul Walker had a very important role, but I feel they are shifting the franchise. Another oddity, not to spoil the details was the role of "The Rock" was a glorified cameo, I am quite surprised that he was not pushed into the spotlight more, as eventually when an 8th film is made, he is going to be needed, as he puts it on Saturday Night Live "Franchise Viagra!"

Back to the film and since I saw a very early showing on Thursday, I will not spoil anything. The film is full of action fighting, drama, and a real fine Paul Walker tribute. It is a full 137 minute film, but Furious Seven flowed like gasoline on a hill of fire. It was combustible, drones, bombs, 3 million dollar cars and a very amazing action sequence with Tony Jaa, on a bus! Tony Jaa as Celina Jade told me "literally flies", over stuff, suspends in air etc. His work is gravity defying material!

 Of course watching the well publicized fight between Rhonda Rousey and the lovely, and powerful Heidi Moneymaker  doubling Michelle Rodriguez is worth the price of admission and as much as you may have seen it on Youtube on the small screen, it is amazing to behold on the big screen!

Ok that is it, no spoilers! Bottom line it is a solid watch in the theater, and own when on DVD! 'Furious Seven' rates and 8 out of 10.

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