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Narcopolis Movie Review (2015) (C) Dan's Movie Report

Above photo, U.K. DVD cover of Narcopolis.

Way back in 1995 a very cool and rather underrated film called 'Strange Days' came out. The film painted a dark future with virtual reality, where people are "Jacked In" to a virtual reality player watching people in real time. 'Narcopolis' has that same feel, except in this future timeline all drugs are legal, and regulated. 'Narcopolis' has the same dark and torrid undertones.

Above Photo: Pryce and Cowan, chat, A Dan's Movie Report Exclusive!

The tone of this movie is ominous and foreboding. This is a true indie film and actually was helped by Kickstarter a long time ago. Back when this movie was called Dreck, of course your home for exclusives, Dan's Movie Report was first on the scene in coverage!

More exclusives!

More exclusives!

Needless to say this is a great film for those who like the near future bleak concepts. If happy, nice, romantic comedies are your idea of fun, this is not that film, trust me. This is a labor of love, and although 'Narcapolis'  took a long time to complete the end result is well worth it.

In the world of 'Narcopolis' addicts have wristband, and they are forced to do things. As this is a very early U.S. review I decided not to go into plot or specific points to spoil the film. The actors,  , , all do a great job of setting the tone, with urgent emotion, animated body movements and great facial expressions.. 'Narcopolis' writer/director
also manages to get the maximum out of his secondary characters, which is a thing often overlooked on indie films. There is a duality and complexity in 'Narcopolis' not found on many indie films.

The story unfolds quickly, and skirts the line between Sci-Fi and Drama. Be prepared to re-watch to get the full impact!

Dan's Movie Report reccommends 'Narcopolis' as a must buy,  9 out of 10, the film is actually available now on! Please follow this link

In the U.S. the film screens as an IFC Midnight special!
Watch for it October 2nd!

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