Saturday, October 31, 2015

Curve Movie Review (2015)

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Greetings Dan's Movie Report fans! Today it is Halloween! What better way to blast off the insanity thank throw you a 'Curve', seriously! A tour of madness from the twisted writers , takes the adorable 'Dancing with the Stars' Judge and 'Rock of Ages' star to a new career direction. and her portrayal of Mallory Rutledge is a break out of the sweet girl next door image to the I will kick your ass if you mess with me image.

Basically you have a story where Mallory is on a long road trip, burrowing her boyfriends car,  she breaks down and is helped by a mysterious stranger, Christian Laughton (). Apparently Christian wants more than just a ride, and the entire 80 minute film is just one crazy turn after another. This is a true ultra-violent, keep the kiddies far away from film, but, 'Curve' is perfect for an adult Halloween!

The story is twisted, but not entirely a new formula, of torment turns to torment, for the attacker. What sets 'Curve' apart is the acting from the two leads, and the shear amount of salacious and truculent dialogue throughout. There is no beating around the bush or over turned Ford Bronco in this film. Seriously this is one film where the dialogue IS actually more shocking than the crazy violence.

Above Photo: Hough is trapped upside down! (C) 2015 Universal Pictures Promotional use only.

Watch for torture, bear traps, and a very bloody, adorable, yet extremely pissed off, and frightened Julianne Hough. She has to go through hell, and even has to eat something that is not on a normal diet! Ugh! This is a real departure for the normally sweet and cheerful Hough. Nice to see her angry side, at least in the movies! Hough worked very hard in this indie film, and it shows.

'Curve' is a must watch, the DVD has an alternative storyline, so perhaps for horror fans a must buy! 'Curve' rates a bloody 8 out of 10!

Amazon had the DVD at this link, currently it is out of stock, Curve is making the festival rounds now.

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