Tuesday, November 10, 2015

All American Bikini Car Wash Movie Review

At times it is good to just sit back and watch a good irreverant comedy that takes the mind off of the daily struggles of life. 'All American Bikini Car Wash' which I will refer to as "AA Bikini Car Wash' is a surprisingly good throwback to the old school 80s fun romp sexy comedies. The film is shot in Vegas and follows the exploits of student Jack and him failing his final and having to run the professor's car wash company for a week at a profit to pass the class.

This 'leave your kids in the other room comedy' is chalked full of nudity and bad language, and that is what makes it enjoyable to watch. Characters Jack and Vex  and are best buds, and they come up with a scheme to run the business. Of course what would a bikini car wash company be without bikini clad sexy women, enter Kelly and Tracy. I was pleasantly surprised how cool the acting was by the ladies of the film as Kelly and as Kayla had some fun lines and were a bigger part of the movie than in most sexy comedies, which was a great thing as both are very pleasing to gaze at and have clear speaking voices.

Of course other ladies graced the screen, most notable, was current Miss Korea as Brittany, she played a video-grapher wanting to document the happenings at the car wash for her film school project. Her character had a pretty major part in the film, she was flirtatious and fun. Ashley has the girl next door fun quality in her acting, I hope to see more of her in future films. What 'AA Bikini Car Wash' does better than most sex comedies is have some entertaining characters, thus keeping the viewer interest throughout the film.

Aesthetically the film print is clean and clear, the sexy shots are well lit, and I feel the need to pull my car into this 'All American Bikini Car Wash' for a shiny new clean! Seriously, this film is definitely worth a rent or buy if one needs to escape life for awhile, especially as it is getting cold in many parts of the world.

Overall this is a solid effort into the adult comedy genre, 'All American Bikini Car Wash' rates a 7 out of 10. Respect to all involved for taking me back to the 80s, style of film comedies!

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  1. Nice! I also thoroughly enjoyed the movie. Dora Pereli does an amazing job, her role as the ugly duckling coming into full bloom kept me engaged throughout the film. For me this movie has a lot to offer, such as good acting, sex appeal, character development and character arcs, genuinely funny moments, and most importantly a great ensemble cast that bring the story to life. Well worth the watch! Here's a link to official movie website:
    I think the review is fair, and 7 out of 10 seems accurate. I agree, this film is definitely worth a rent or buy!


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