Thursday, July 28, 2016

Amy Johnston Suicide Squad Contest! Plus Final Juju Chan Autographed photo! Win Two photos! Team Up for Victory!

Win the photo above!

Greetings action lovers worldwide, in celebration of unity friendship and 'Suicide Squad' Danny Templegod presents the big summer contest for readers of The Action Elite and Dan's Movie Report. Actress Amy Johnston is on the cusp of greatness with two new films 'Lady Bloodfight' and 'Female Fight Club' preparing for release. Prior to that, watch for her in action performing stunts in the new 'Suicide Squad' film, check out Amy's new stunt action demo and like her official Facebook page.

One photo will be awarded for each site, one on
'The Action Elite' one on 'Dan's Movie Report'

The photo will be the exact one pictured here from Deadpool & Domino Vs Joker and Harley Quinn fan film.

Win the photo above: Juju Chan as Silver Dart Shi in the new Crouching Tiger Film!

In addition the winner will ALSO receive one of the final two Juju photos one on each site! As watermarked! The winner on The Action Elite site will win the watermarked one for The Action Elite and the winner on Dan's Movie Report will win the one watermarked for Dan's Movie Report.

In addition the winner will receive other goodies, which will be a surprise, and only revealed to the final two winners! Due to the nature of the contest it is only open to entries in the U.S.A. As the photos have to be sent out priority mail!

In order to win, all of these Facebook pages must be liked, and commented on by the winning person.To win, please message your name, email and U.S. street address to the Official Dan's Movie Report Facebook Page. On the Action Elite please film out the form.

When this buddy-buddy video of Juju and Amy reaches 1,000 views, bang, the photos will go out and two people will be so happy they may just have a permanent smile across their face!

In the spirit of teaming up, and to keep action alive it is time to blast past the fighting and keep that to the movies! Watch for new Juju Chan and Amy interviews on your home for exclusives Dan's Movie Report. For action remember everyone, there is no better resource that The Action Elite, have a great remainder of the Summer!

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