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Actress Erin O'Brien Interview (C) 2016 A Dan's Movie Report Exclusive! Exclusive Photos!

Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report readers, thanks to Michael at Search my Trash website, Erin O'Brien came to my attention. Even though my review of 'Fight Valley' was less than stellar, Erin graciously agreed to do the interview. Read on, as she chats about her past films, and shares glimpses into the future. Time to win the fight with Erin, and I will just get out of the way!

DMR:I really thought 'Bikini Spring Break' was a fun film, in fact it is one of the most viewed posts on my entire site, share a story about how you were cast, and perhaps an initial story about the pre production.

EO:Thanks so much! Actually the director of 'Bikini Spring Break' cast me in my first film ever in New York a few years prior. We did a horror movie together that is now on Amazon called 'Revenants'. He also directed me in Jail Bait. Initially I was given the lead role in Bikini Spring break but I had to turn it town because of scheduling issues.. After the first day of filming, the original actress that was going to play my character, Michelle dropped out and I was able to step into that role :) thankfully.

DMR: Cool story, sometimes things work out, for the best. Chat about the filming process in 'Bikini Spring Break' looked like a light and airy fun shoot, perhaps share a on set story from what you remember.

EO:We all got along really well and we were all very excited to be on set. It's a very funny and silly movie so we laughed a lot while filming and genuinely had fun. I think the day we filmed the jello wresting scene had to be the most awkward. Everyone was very nervous to get in the jello and I don't  blame them. Luckily I was the only one that didn't have to go in, I think that day everyone wished they were playing my character instead LOL  ..  I still stay in touch with my bikini spring break co stars. They are a great group of girls:)  

DMR:What did you think of the final film, it was just a fun flick, or did you not particularly care for it?

EO:Honesty, I thought it was funny. It's not a movie for everyone but there are definitely audiences that love a good raunchy comedy. It made me laugh. It also reminded me of comedy's like 'Meatballs' & 'Porkys'. I thought those movies were hysterical growing up.  

DMR: I am glad that you enjoyed it also. I made it known that in my review I did not particularly care for Fight Valley, but I am still curious, how was it to work with th MMA stars like Meisha Tate and Cyborg, etc.. perhaps share a funny on set story any black eyes, bruised egos? Haha!

EO:It's not everyone's cup of tea, but I think it's a good fight flick and I was really happy I got to work on it. I was very impressed with all of the fighters involved in the film. They were so professional and really worked hard and wanted do a good job. I saw Miesha really push herself a lot. Being new to acting I know she really wanted to give it her all. I think she did a great job. I was super impressed with Cris Cyborg as well. She was a bit nervous for her dialogue but I thought she was great! ...And so tough & badass on screen.  Holly was a sweetheart to work with as well, she handled her fight choreography like a champ. They were all amazing and I'm honored I got to work with such accomplished women. 

DMR: Ok, thanks for the 'Fight Valley' thoughts, on to the coolness! 'Guitars and Guns', wow my kind of film, chat about the plot and your role in it? Let me know more!

EO:I can't say too much about the film but it's a dark comedy with a lot of cool characters and wacky humor. It was directed by Robin Mountjoy and this was his first feature. With that said, I think he really rocked it, he had so much passion each day for whatever scene we were filming. It's a guns, drugs and rock n roll type of movie. I'm excited for this one too.

DMR: I cannot wait to review it! What are some of the non movie related things you like to do in your spare time?

EO:My boyfriend and I do a lot of traveling actually. This year we went to Japan, Rome, Egypt & Thailand and we loved them all! When we aren't traveling we are pretty low key. We watch a lot of Netflix and hang out with our puppies. I also cook a ton, it's something I love to do. 

DMR: Have you ever thought of producing?

EO:Maybe one day but I'm really focused on acting right now. 

DMR:Chat about Stunts Vs Acting how is your training and mindset change when tackling the various jobs?

EO:My main focus is acting but I do minor stunts, mostly in the movies that I am acting in. My boyfriend is a professional stunt man (he actually was our stunt coordinator for 'Fight Valley') so I have the privilege of being able to work on stunts with, and learn from him.

DMR: I saw that pre-pro is on for 'Fight Valley 2' can you discuss any changes?

EO:The premise of the 'Fight Valley 2' takes place in a prison. I've read a little bit of it already and it's really intense with a great story. I'm excited to see who will join the cast this time around!

DMR: Yeah the prison setting should ramp up the intensity. Final thoughts and ideas for the future in Erin's career? 

Above Photo: Erin in 'Guitars and Guns' (C) 2016

EO:I just hope to keep working and do the best work I can do. I hope to evolve and grow as an actor and just keep learning and keep going. Life is good:) I can't complain.

Thanks Erin for the informative interview, watch for more when 'Fight Valley 2' begins production in November!

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Links:: First 72 seconds of Guitars and Guns! https://vimeo.com/176057327 
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Twitter For ERIN! https://twitter.com/obrienerin11

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