Monday, July 24, 2017

One Penny- Movie Review 2017 Dan's Movie Report 8 out of 10!

Above photo: IMDB poster for 'One Penny'

Special thanks to actress Erin O'Brien for the heads up on this film. 'One Penny' is a raw drama that opens with an older homeless man giving a kid sitting on steps a bagel as he walks buy, the kid has no where to go and follows the man, who eventually becomes his defacto protector.

'One Penny' is a creative gem of a film. Producer and writer David A. Melendez and director and writer Michael Devita craft a clever tale of deception. One of my favorite scenes in the film is when Dylan comes upon a shell game scam for money. Harrison Samuels as Dylan, figures their little scam out but hold on, instead of getting the real money he is owed he gets one penny, thus the title. This is like an allegory for life, Dylan represents the poor in society even when he wins he loses.

Being that this is a first film for the creators, obvious time was taken to develop Dylan's complex character, and his interpersonal relationship with his buddy Collin (Will Roland) and his mentor professor Allen portrayed with verve and vigor by Carson Grant. Empathetic Jordan is portrayed with soul and heart by Erin O'Brien. The cool thing here is all of the acting is really natural, not forced, the audience feels the character pain and struggle throughout 'One Penny'.

Towards the end of the film, let us just say, “whoa that escalated quickly”, it was crazy. Normally I do not like the tight shaky cam style of fight filming, but in this case not only does it work, but it adds to the grit and tension of the scene. A high five goes to the stunt people involved and stunt coordinator Erik Aude for crafting what I term to be, “not beautiful” but more random and how a real fight would unfold.

Overall 'One Penny' is a damn fine example of great independent cinema, and rates at solid 8 out of 10. The film has won numerous awards on the Summer festival circuit. For the latest info, check out the official Facebook page.

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