Saturday, July 22, 2017

Locked Up - Movie Review 2017 (C) 2017 Dan's Movie Report

Poster on IMDB for 'Locked Up'

After watching the great 'Jailbait' movie with Erin O'Brien as one of the leads and it had a solid story, I was looking forward to the sequel and new ideas. Sadly Locked Up was a very poor film all the way through.

The story was very ragged, basically about a barely legal or not inmate new to this jail but it then turns into a tournament fighting film but with ridiculous sexual situations and salacious undertones. The lead actress while not all her fault was drab and uninspiring, I mean she did not sell the scenes she was in, and her facial expressions were sub par

Katrina Grey is perhaps the only bright spot in the film and excels with the limited script. She does her best to sell emotion and empathy. A totally unnecessary love scene a lesbian love scene with her and the lead actress is not ever unpleasant but at times def not needed. That said, being male, I will say it was a bit sexy, a bit over the top, and crude, oddly my TV stayed on.

The fighting scenes were very tepid, I really thought they should have tried to just either concentrate on a more action or more thought provoking story. I know Katrina deserves better than this. I feel that this move is a rent only if you like 90s Cinemax fare or like to watch girls naked, simulating sex. Locked Up is a very tepid 4 our of 10, added one point for Katrina, but overall would have to say pass.

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