Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Break the Walls Movie Review (short film) Indiewise Screening! Dan's Movie Report Exclusive

Above Exclusive Video from Indiewise (C) 2017 Danny Templegod for Dan's Movie Report

Greetings valued readers of Dan's Movie Report, today begins a coverage of the amazing Indiewise Festival which took place in August at the Aventura AMC 24 Theaters in Miami, Florida! One of the highlights of the show is a short film by the fantastic Hiroyuki Oda's class of gifted highschool producers called 'Schoolgirl'. The team toiled for months perfecting a high quality short film, with according to Mr Oda, very little assistance or guidance. This proves, how for would you travel for film. Across the world the young film makers went to screen at the Indiewise Festival! Meeting the young stars was tremendous! The ladies all have verve and reverance for the talented film makers who have worked in the fest. They had a quiet respect for everyone there, an innocense yet confident standing, I took a short video of there talk at the fest and it is posted on Youtube @

The film is a character study on how Brazilian culture and Japanese culture mix and shows through dance how the two peoples can interact and share common dreams and goals. Schoolgirl is a strong and powerful message of hope and as told by young people a beacon of light for the future! 

I think Mr Oda has caught on to the inspiration to teach the youth of tomorrow, and it is exciting!

Hiro Oda

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