Thursday, May 17, 2018

Amy Johnston: How To Stunt In Hollywood (Kindle Book) 2018

How to Stunt in Hollywood: Insight and Advice from World Class Stunt Professionals Kindle Edition

Amy Johnston- How To Stunt in Hollywood (Kindle Book) 2018

Always upbeat and ready for action Amy Johnston unleashes a unique book culling on the experiences of stunt and action professionals she looks up to and coordinators like Luke LaFontaine and directors like Jesse V. Johnson who she worked with on Accident Man. Rather than going into a long diatribe about herself Amy chooses the interview route asking pertinent questions, to allow the audience a guide inside their dreams and aspirations. Having recently lost her dad, who taught her the martial arts, Amy looks deep inside and understands how to collect her thoughts to make everyone around her better.

I love the final statement in her book “Rest in peace dad, thank you for pushing me to be better than I was yesterday, to always be the best version of myself, to never stop” In my eyes, I look at this book as a tribute to her father and a message to herself to keep striving for greatness, yet never to forget those who came before her. Amy is a great young talent and deserves to be at the top of the Hollywood heap in acting and in stunts as she puts it many people have tried to bring her down but she keeps fighting to stay on top.

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Stay strong Amy! Get ready world, a new action force has arisen!

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