Sunday, June 3, 2018

Battle Of Wills (2016) Movie Review

Above Poster: Battle of Wills on IMDB

Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report Readers, today I am checking out an 8 minute sonic blast from David William No, called Battle of Wills. David successively merges cultures and races with an 'American citizen being tortured by a "shadowy" Korean to find out the truth about his identity', that is the mini synopsis.

Battle of Wills is a dark, brooding and dramatic film that happens to have some action. David manages to focus on the dramatic flair, which makes Battle of Wills rise up above the usual short action slices on YouTube. Essentially, David follows the Edgar Allen Poe themes with coming into a story that is already established. The story starts where the American is already captured, and the torturing process is ongoing. What I like about this technique about short films, is it leaves the viewer to imagine what happened prior to the film beginning, and what will happen after the closing credits.

David has some diverse and interesting ideas about film making and action on display in Battle Of Wills , and his work pushes the limits of short films. Battle Of Wills rates an 8 out of 10, small complaint kind of wish it was about 4-5 minutes longer as it is only 8 minutes. Still though the viewer will get the idea, it is pro shot, excellent lighting and sound, and streams in hi def on YouTube now, in addition there is a behind the scenes and trailers.

Watch for David's detailed interview soon on Dan's Movie Report, in the mean time check out David in Altered Carbon and The Debt Collector, which drops on Sony Home Entertainment, June 5th!

Check out David's four part Behind the scenes videos on his channel starting with preproduction episode 1:

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