Monday, June 25, 2018

The Teacher (2018) Movie Review - Short Film-

Above: IMDB page screen shot of Sarah Chang in 'The Teacher' and a kick ass Hollywood style poster for the 14 minute blast of insanity!

From DJI and Wanda studios comes a 14 minute blast of insanity entitled 'The Teacher' and action film directed by Jeremy Weiss. Sarah Chang is an innocent, well not so, much, teacher on her way home from school. Sarah is being followed on the way home and mayhem ensues. It is a ballet of action interspersed with opining dialogue at the end, hopefully setting up a series. Kevin Lee as The German gets down and dirty in action with Sarah and throws her around but hah of course, she can take it!

The film is ultra pro quality with many wide and drone style shots. I do hope the team gets funding for a full feature or series on Netflix. The story sets up nice and delves right into the action, of course in a series the audience would have more of a background on all of the characters.The acting from all the principals was top notch. Time was taken to frame the shots and the dialogue was crystal clear.

The Teacher is exciting all the way from production, to score. Time was taken on each scene to allow the audience not only to get into the action, but at the end to think about the possibilities of story for the future. Engaging work. Slow mo is used, but the effect is desirable as the action is shot from many angles. The audience sees the hits, misses, and falls. The excitement builds, yet at the climax a story brews, leaving it wide open for more!

Quite interesting is the behind the scenes DJI movie, on how The Teacher was shot, camera's and equipment used, techniques etc... 


Overall The Teacher is an entertaining action short film, worth a watch over and over, kind of hope they either make a physical DVD or push hard for a feature. The Teacher rates a Chinese Market crashing 9.5 out of 10, someone catch the falling buns, my top short film of the year!!

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Wanda studios had a live stunt show for their grand opening, this live performance recreates the stunts in The Teacher! Over 2000 guests we in the 10,000 square meter studio!  

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