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Actor Marko Zaror Interview (2017) Dan's Movie Report Exclusive 2 Part Interview!

Above: (C) 2016 Ben Burton Scott Adkins and Marko Zaror in Savage Dog

Update 2018: Watch for more Marko Exclusives! Keep reading Dan's Movie Report! Although the trailer for Alita: Battle Angel has been released, I am holding the new interview until closer to the December premiere date.

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With the release of Savage Dog, as promised, part 2 of the massive Marko Zaror interview. Please read part one for more information, which follows below part 2! Sit back, relax, and prepare to get SAVAGE! Dan's Movie Report will unleash part 3 in September for Alita: Battle Angel. To correspond with part 3, a Marko Zaror autographed contest will take place details will be announced in October!

Chat about how you prepared for the role of Rastignac and shed a bit of light not about the plot but about his back story

Savage Dog, what a great experience. It was to shot this past year and that Jesse trusted me with the role, because it was a very challenging role. I can say it was the most challenging role of my career for sure. I have known Jesse for 18 years since when I first moved to L.A. The first time I arrived to L.A. We met on the Universal Lot Jesse was directing a movie called 'Pit Fighter'. Recently I returned to L.A. And Jesse said Marko, I have a role for you for a new movie, then I read the script and I saw this crazy, crazy role. I was like wow it is the first time I was going to have a large amount of lines and big acting scenes on an English speaking movie, a very heavy character with a dark past. It was a great opportunity for me I just took it! I loved the story, It looks amazing. The movie is solid and beautifully shot, Jesse did a great job directing. He told me he was very happy with the movie. I look forward to the U.S. Release. I am sure you guys will be surprised as it is a totally different role or character for me. It is such a unique movie.

Chat about the action in Savage Dog.

The film has incredible action, of course you know Scott (Adkins) He is just a very talented martial artist and a very talented actor.

Working with Scott Adkins, is there a certain level of respect when you guys are together?

I met Scott in 'Undisputed 3' I know that movie was really popular, and the fight we did together was very well received. Scott is an incredible human being, he was so cool with me when we first met in undisputed 3, of course as a martial artist at the very beginning there was a bit of tension. Then we just started working hard and developing the best fight scene we could possibly do. Undisputed 3 was a unique experience Scott and I stayed in touch after the film, we chatted once in awhile. I am so happy to see how his career has taken off. When Jesse came to me with Savage Dog and wanted me to play a prominent role, I of course said yes. I always love to work with people who can inspire you, and you admire and are just all around good human beings. I think Scott is one of those people. Even though Scott and I worked together, the dynamic is Savage Dog is such a different movie, a totally different world we can do something unique. That is why I am so happy with this film as Savage Dog is so wild and different. I told Scott, next time we work this is the last time you beat me in a fight haha! If I am not your friend then I am gonna have to beat you up.

For me as an action lover and having supreme respect for JuJu Chan, I am curious of you thoughts on her, she has a real honor and respect for the legends of Martial Arts. I am super thrilled you had the opportunity to meet an work with her.

JuJu is a very nice girl, we spent more time outside the set then on set. We did not have many scenes together, we met on set and we were like hey lets get together with the team of the movie. I was able to get to know her more. She went with me and some friends to see 'Sultan' when 'Sultan' was premiering in L.A. That is how I got to know here she is really nice. She is very humble and at the same time she is so talented. She is a bad-assed martial artist. I haven't worked with her on set much. I am looking forward for that. I always told her if you need someone in China to do a movie with you than I would love to be that person, she seems like a good person to work with.

Same question with Cung Le, chat about working with him.

 I spent more time on the set of Savage Dog with Cung Le he is very talented of course. Cung Le is a big inspiration. His transition from the UFC to acting becoming one of the best fighters doing movies. He is just so talented. He has amazing charisma and he is a nice person also. Very humble. He has an inspiring career and inspiring life. from being so successful in his fighting career, now to be successful in the movie industry. I really admire him, we get together and cook one day, along with JuJu. It was a fun time.

Chat more about Jesse and the relationships forged after Savage Dog wrapped up.

I am really honored to be in Savage Dog and am so happy he is doing great now with his new projects. What happened with Savage Dog, is Jesse put together not just talented actors but good human beings, people with good hearts. You can see that in the movie, it will come across on the screen. That is the magic of Savage Dog and the lasting friendships we forged. It will be an experience I will for sure never forget.

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On to Part One!!!

Greetings lovers of action worldwide, today you are in for an amazing treat. An insight to a life of action and honor from Marko Zaror. The first part of this multi-part interview focuses on his early life and training. Over the course of the next year or so, the remainder of this interview, perhaps the longest and most detailed one I have every completed will be unleashed on Dan's Movie Report. Watch for a special project specific interview from Marko about Savage Dog coming later in 2017, and finally the Alita: Battle Angel interview later in 2018! on Dan's Movie Report as well. Enough of my babbling on, time to go inside the mind of Marko and get his thoughts on the action on and off screen!

Chat about your upbringing in Chile and how you became interested in acting.

When I was a kid I really loved martial arts, all the way from the time I was 6 or 8 years old. What really made me make the decision to dedicate my life to martial arts was when I saw Enter the Dragon and Bruce Lee. That movie was really so powerful for me, it really just changed my life. The film was a strong inspirational moment. I saw Bruce Lee's energy, his charisma, it was so powerful, it was from that moment I was sure I wanted to 'live' that to go that way. I remember I saw that movie when I was eight on TV, and my life changed since that moment. I started training, I started searching for more of his (Bruce Lee's) movies, that is how I started becoming interested in martial arts.

The action movies in Chile back them they did not exist. There is no real film industry, so my first idea was to be an instructor of martial arts, or maybe compete in the field. Perhaps go to the Olympics fighting for TKD, actually at that time TKD was not even in they Olympics. I did not know what I was going to do with my life, but I was 100% sure I wanted it to be related to martial arts. Little by little, when I started growing up, when I was 18, I got the opportunity to fly to Mexico City, and then I saw a friend of mine, he was living there and was doing low budget movies. That is how I realized this is real, I can maybe make movies and do martial arts in my movies, that is how I started focusing into learning and taking acting classes. Then I went to Telivisa, they gave me a scholarship to study acting to be able to work on soap operas in Mexico, and that is how it all started.

Wow, great insight to your embarking in action, perhaps chat more about Bruce Lee, how he has continued to inspire.

Bruce is like a hero, a father figure, it was so strong you could not believe. I still carry posters of Bruce Lee to every place I go. For example, when I move from one house to another. I fist lived in Mexico, then I lived in L.A. , then back to Chile. There has always been a poster of Bruce Lee in my room, I am so thankful of his work and what he did, and how he inspired people. He was and is a very strong influence on my life and career and everything. I just can say thanks to him for what he did for martial arts and for kids like me, back then to show me the way, and inspire my life.

Chat about your early martial arts training and some stand out moments.

Because I was a big fan of Bruce Lee, I was always looking for Kung Fu to study. I looked for different instructors. I started first with TKD when I was very little, but then I always wanted to be like Bruce Lee, and learn a Chinese style, I wanted to dress with the black pants, and the traditional things as a kid. I wanted to be exactly as Bruce Lee. I was a bit crazy haha, I did not want to grow up so tall, because I wanted to be like Bruce Lee, I did not want to have curly hair. I went into craziness when I was a kid it was so funny. Going back the the styles I started with kung Fu then after some years I did different styles of Kung Fu, I did the short Wing Chun style, then I did the long more Wushu style, but I was not really happy with the instructors, thus I was always searching and looking. When I grew up I started doing karate, (clarify) from 18 on. I got invited to the national team of TKD, so I started doing more of that. I recognized I always had this ability and power with my legs. I focus a lot on kicking, and spins, they told me you could do really good in TKD come and train with the national team. I trained a couple of years with the national team, I competed there a bit. After that I decided to go to Mexico, and started to try out in movies and acting. I started training with Robert (Clarify) he did point fighting, and karate. His style was unique and very dynamic. We started to train, that is the first time I saw these 720 spin kicks and crazy moves I have never experienced before. I was very agile and good in my country but I have never seen all these tricks going on. That was the first time I got attached with the evolution of martial arts, and the 'non traditional' type of techniques.

Wow, must have been an life changing experience, please chat how you adapted.

I started to take more of an athlete approach, such as training with weights, to develop the jumping and speed ability further. It is with this background I started developing my own way of training. I learned these skills, now I need to practice all of these skills to jump higher, faster, kick higher and do all of these crazy tricks.

Thank you for that detailed look inside your upbringing, want to wrap up the first part of this interview by sharing a story from the set of Machete Kills, and how it changed your outlook on film.

Machete Kills was awesome, it was a very big and important moment in my career and my life. Before Machete Kills I did my movies in Chile, I was at a point (in my career) where I was deciding to go into fighting, and stop doing movies and discontinue acting. The movies I did in Chile did very good in the film festival side, but the business side just did not work. The companies producing the films were not doing the right things in terms of distribution, we were not with the right people. Because of this the initial investment was never returned, so I got really disappointed about the industry, I was thinking, this does not work. I cannot keep doing movies and finding investors cause I did not believe in the business, that you could recover your money on a movie.

I was training hoping to compete globally, perhaps in the UFC, I did not think I would make it to the UFC but, I gave it a shot. I started training in MMA and wrestling, I turned and switched my training specifically for fighting. Machete Kills was so important because I was about to travel to Peru and start training hardcore for fighting to get ready for a fight. Suddenly I received a call from the amazing Robert Rodriguez inviting me to Machete Kills. Robert Rodriquez is to me in film the same inspiration as Bruce Lee in martial arts. When I started doing my movies in Chile I always looked up to Robert. He was the one who basically told everyone in the world you can make your own movie with a little camera, you can just do it. He is the best example for that, he is a very big inspiration, thus, receiving a call from him was magical, crazy. I knew that the call meant I had to follow the acting path and forget about my past plans. I did not even think about it one second, ok that was good that you had a plan, but life is showing you the way now. I traveled and met with him, he told me I want to use you in my movie and I have a little role for you.

Wow that is amazing, a new life focus, perhaps expound on that. How was Machete Kills, the experience in general?

It was an incredible experience, it was the first time being involved in such a big production, and working with such amazingly talented people. I was just so happy as an experience on the set it was crazy, because Robert has this unique way to shoot. He is very dynamic and he knows what he wants. We were shooting so fast, in one moment we were shooting in two sets at the same time fight scenes. In one set we were shooting the fight with Danny Trejo, and in the other set we were shooting the final action scene, big action sequence. We shot one scene, and Robert would yell cut and we would be running to the other set, whole the crew reset on the first set. Again Robert would be ready with Action and it was non stop. We would reset and cut and run back and forth, we did that for like 5 hours, it was crazy, it was demanding, yet a dynamic way of shooting an action film. It was an incredible experience. I am so happy to be a part of that movie it is always going to be a nice moment to remember for me.

Thanks so much Marko for this detailed insight into your early life, and for sharing your stories on Machete Kills with Robert Rodriguez. Keep reading  Dan's Movie Report for additional parts of this extensive interview.

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