Monday, January 21, 2019

Tayah Kansik - Acting & Action Spotlight! (C) 2019 Dan's Movie Report

Both Photos Above: From Tayah's Facebook Page. Used for promotional purposes only.

Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report readers. I read many lists, on several well informed websites, that said, as much as I enjoy a rundown of today's most amazing videos, I feel it is time to start, well restart something on my site which I have done prior, and that is spotlight a particular person in the business for his or her prowess, and so they are not lost in the mix of a dozen videos, thus giveing them the opportunity to shine on their own. More than 7 years ago I did a spotlight for the amazingly talented actress Aurelia Scheppers and I feel it is time once again to revisit this idea, but on a more permanent basis. My plan is to try to do two spotlights per month, more if I am slow with interviews but two per month, showcasing either new talent, or talent that is solid, yet has flown under the radar, due to the person being outside the U.S., or just more in the indie scene. Again I am not limiting this to action, as most of you know my site covers all types of films, and all types of people. If you know someone in this character please reach out.

I was really encouraged on promoting the actress and action lady Noon Nardia @
Now she is a team member of Jaika Stunts and is working on many projects throughout the world.

I feel that as a writer, I have not only a responsibility to my readers, but a responsibility to all talented people the world over to connect to make great films, TV shows and commercials. Although I no longer am involved with Widescreen festival, one amazing thing this has done is show me that film is truly worldwide!

Today let me start by introducing Tayah Kansik to my world of insanity. Tayah and I have been chatting and I find her to be quite engaging as she balances her personal protection work, which is rather secretive, and her film work, which is of course more public.

Her latest action reel has been posted thanks to my buddy Dean Meadows @

An older Thai Boxing reel is @

I am in a 2019-Bollywood film “Operation Cobra” I was the lead actress’ Bodydouble.(fight scenes on high roof and high wall climb)

Action Feature film “Hushed” finished filming Dec 2018, I play the role of Emily Mark Strange’s wife.(Awesome cast including Mark Strange and award winner Director Danny Darren, Shane Hart, Crispian Belfrage amongst others...

Projects early this year...Feb 2019 filming for VvsV as the role of Beth (Kat Clatworthy and Maria Lee Metheringham).

Biggest role I have to date currently I am in preparation for “Scorpion Girl” to be filmed this year in LA. I play the lead nemesis “Jane the Punisher”

Tayah is a cool lady, with many skills, and a humble attitude. Look for her in Redcon 1 and Scarlet Cross in 2019!, among other projects! Watch for more on your home for exclusives Dan's Movie Report.

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