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Actress Ada Dumitru Exclusive Interview (C) 2019 Dan's Movie Report - Danny Templegod

Above: New headshot of Ada, (C) 2019 Eddie Merino - Connect with him:

Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report readers, striving to cover new talent from across the globe, I present the intellectual and talented actress Ada Dumitru. I first heard about Ada thanks to Actress Natassia Malthe. Ada chats about her upbringing, training, and gives a first glance at some of the colorful characters she will portray in upcoming shows and films. Ada interjects some of her dark humor as well, you have been warned, hahaha! Sit back, relax, grab a chalice and enjoy!
Above: Ada working in theatrical production- Image Credit: Bogdari Botas

DMR: Chat about your upbringing. What made you decide to get into film?
AD: What made me decide to get into film? The catering, of course. Pretty good food, free coffee, chocolate croissants. What more could you wish for?

DMR: Ha, yes indie film budgets. I know you told me you recently graduated from university, chat about the experience, did it cover business of film as well? is it more difficult to go to film school where you are, more competitive?
AD: University was cute… though maybe if you ask my professors, some of them are relieved that I’ve graduated. But there’s no substitute for practical experience. I’ve learned so much working in the business, things you can’t really understand until you’re actually doing it.

DMR: I know you told me you are in a few films, have you seen your work yet? Were some of them in university?
AD: I've seen some of my work. But the big projects I did were shot in the last year, so all of that is still a mystery to me. I've seen bits of it all, though, which makes me more excited for what’s to come.

DMR: The suspense must be a bit difficult, shifting gears, Chat about O gramada de caramele what is that about? is it in release yet?
AD: I played the villain, so of course I had fun. Every role has its attractions, but especially the bad girls for me. 


Photo Credit: Dragos Barbacioru, Ada as Gash on The Pact TV series!
DMR: I know you told me you worked with Natassia Malthe on a series, what is the name of the show? Is it available to view yet, or do you know when it will be?
AD: Yes, I had the pleasure of working with Natassia on a TV series named "The Pact." Unfortunately, that’s about the only information I'm allowed to give about the project for now. But I can tell you … the show is crazy! 
(Ed Note, more will be revealed later in 2019, including a new interview with Natassia Malthe!!)

Above Photo Credit: Anatol Struna, Ana as Bluebell in Three Knee Deep TV Series!

DMR: Chat about Three Knee Deep, looks really amazing. How did you get cast on the show?
AD: “Three Knee Deep” is the most insane project I've ever worked on. I had previously done some film work, like short movies, some local TV series, commercials, and music videos. But this character in “Three Knee Deep” was my first big commitment in the film industry. It was an important part, and a tough one and it was the first time I was acting in English.
I got on this crazy journey through the director and producer Bobby Barbacioru. He has an amazing team of filmmakers around him, and he's the one that believed in me, and gave me freedom to be insanely creative while doing this part. A lot of people believed I was too young for such a complicated character, but Bobby made a bet on me. And he won.

DMR: Chat about your character Bluebell. What is her back story? Is she a bad girl wrongly imprisoned, and caught with wrong crowd?
AD: Bluebell ... I get so emotional when I talk about her, because we've been through a lot together. She's a psychopath, a serial killer, a maniac. She is one of the most dangerous serial killers, and because of her intelligence, they had to lock her in a cage.
The part was not easy to handle, but I love playing villains. In a weird way, it's my specialty. At the beginning, I started with a simple idea in which I strongly believe: every single human being is good. Every single human being is emotionally deep inside, and if only their pure heart would be asked, they would choose the bright side. But life gets you in a carousel where many things occur in the development of that pure soul. Society, family, education, bad circumstances. All of these can drive you far from that pure, untouched entity you represented when you were born. Those bad circumstances can drive you so far and so fast that you get completely lost, never to be found again.
Bluebell is a very young girl who's completely lost. But the beauty comes from the struggle between her love of being lost, and her need to be found. Living paradoxes. Life's a paradox. The most important rule when you play villains is that people have to like you, you have to be their guilty pleasure. Yes, Bluebell kills man without a second thought, and she has a sick sexual energy. She chose the dark side of life. But she can get emotional, and she can be your friend. She’s still ultimately going to kill you, but on the way, you're charmed. So at least you die charmed.

DMR: How long did you work and film on the show?
We worked for approximately 3 months. In December we did some very cool preparations like going on set, doing some tests, shooting bits of the script, trying the costumes, getting familiar with the whole team. We spent some time in the prison, so we could get the feeling of what was to come. Then in January and February, the action began.

DMR: Chat about working with the amazing Louis Mandylor. I think he is a great person to learn from and watch.
AD: Louis and I made a good team.

DMR: Have you heard about if the show, is picked up by Netflix or a U.S. outlet?
AD: I’m not allowed to say what I’ve heard. Yet. 


DMR: Back to your life, what are some of your hobbies? I know living where you are it is cold so I am assuming skiing and such?
AD: Well, Romania isn't only about snow and Dracula. It's true that you can randomly see vampires sucking someone's blood at the corner of a street but there's also a simple woman breastfeeding her baby at 1 meter from the sucking scene. Apart from that, we do have four seasons during the year, so you can have plenty of hobbies. I’ve skied since I was 3 years old. And for some years I've been addicted to extreme sports. From enduro and bikes in general, to water sports like flyboarding, jet skis, surfing, and kiting, to skydiving, hiking, scuba diving, freestyle skiing. Where there's some adrenaline, there's where I am.

DMR: Chat about some people in the film world you desire to work with.
AD: All I desire is to work with people with balls. Brave people with brave ideas that matter.

DMR:Yes! I know you will and deserve it. Wrapping up, chat about any future projects or auditions, do you have an acting reel out?
AD: Some of what happens next I can’t talk about yet. Any serial killer has to keep some secrets, you know? But I can tell you it’s going to be exciting. It’s gonna be a crazy adventure and you’re going to want to come along for the ride.

Thank you Ada for this amazing interview, once again another exclusive chat with Dan's Movie Report. Ada is currently steeped in mystery! All will be revealed, I plan to update this interview, as the projects begin to come out. Please follow Ada on her Social Media Accounts:

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