Monday, August 26, 2019

Actress Janice Hung Exclusive Video! Live Onset of The General's Daughter! (C) 2019 Dan's Movie Report

 Above: Janice Hung Live on the set of The General's Daughter- A Dan's Movie Report Exclusive!

Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report and readers soon a massive interview will happen, as Actress/Wushu Champ and Model winds down her stint on The General's Daughter and readies herself for a 1.5 year live stage show performance on Kung Fu Panda in Macao! In the stage show she will be taking on the role of Tigress! For now, we will focus on The General's Daughter exclusive photos, and information from this massive production. 

Janice tells me that the scale of this production was huge, massive props and vehicles. Janice said she had the unique opportunity to work alongside of the most experienced and well known actors in the Philippines! What we have here is an ongoing and evolving topic that will explode on into 2020! Feast your eyes and ears on Janice (Live from the set of The General's Daughter!) Video shot by her manager, specifically for Dan's Movie Report! 

Above Janice Hung Dan's Movie Report Shout out! 

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