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Actor Ron Smoorenburg Interview © 2020 Dan's Movie Report – Danny Templegod


All images of Ron Smoorenburg (C) 2020, are from English Dogs in Bangkok. Film is available now on Verizon, Directv and Amazon. (Green Apple Entertainment)

Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report and readers. Ron Smoorenburg stops by to chat about his recent work in Haphazard, English Dogs in Bangkok, and the upcoming Bet Dead Casino. Ron shares his extensive knowledge on teaching other in action, and how to remain humble while building your dreams. Ron the floor is yours.

Above: Poster for Haphazard (C) 2020 Green Apple Entertainment, All rights reserved. Film is available on Amazon.

Danny Templegod: Chat about your character haphazard, kind of a sarcastic playboy.

Ron Smoorenburg: I am a kind of playboy in this movie always looking at girls, trying to find something cheap, you know prostitutes, you know those kinds of things, we are semi mafia but we are not the real deal. My brother is Sergei, I try to prove myself to my family to get things done. The funny thing is that the character turned out more comical then it was supposed to be. The original script was quite serious. While shooting Haphazard we had so many funny circumstances that we just could not escape it. It was just happening, we have some crazy stuff going on. The character turned out almost a little bit gay haha. Watch Haphazard, we have some great fight scenes, with Selina Lo, Dean is always great. We always try to come up with new stuff.

DT: Chat about fighting and filming on the streets of Thailand how do you adjust your fighting style for close quarter fighting.

RS: It can go various ways, sometimes we make fights very rough and realistic. Other times we base fights in real martial arts. I like both to be honest. I do not like to go close combat only. I like to bring the martial arts back, like what we saw in the 80s. I still want to keep this art, there is an example with Mark Stas, Wing Flow, I like a clash of styles. I do not like the basic movie fighting style, like punch, punch, kick. Fighting with Mark we keep elements of the realistic action. I ask Mark what would you do in this moment. Like an improvise in acting. We work out how the reaction will be. The realistic fight, we go rough, I like to be hit, and even be hit in the face, to fall into something or to be hit with something. My first love is martial arts in styles, I watch video games, we try to make combos in our movies, but I never want to lose the art.


DT: I know that you are involved in Bet Dead Casino chat about your character.

RS: I am a fighter, who has to fight as I am under a lot of pressure. I follow this game show to win. If I lose there will be trouble. My girlfriend from the other side of the gambling world, we are connected, so I need to win those fights, or I cannot escape. We are having fights all over the world. The movie will be very surprising, my character is very mysterious though. I cannot reveal too much yet, but there are some great characters in 'Bet Dead Casino'. We tried to make some epic fights, some 'rewinders' I cannot reveal too much yet but some people will have gimmicks, one guy will have crazy things he does during the fight. This element adds a bit of depth to the people in the film.


DT: With regards to lock down, chat about adjustments you have made to your career and auditions.

RS: We keep productive. I like to be productive, we create fight scenes, we test various angles, and to be honest it is hard times for me and my family, but these circumstances, we have to reinvent ourselves. If people use this time well, they can grow a lot. It is like going back to the lab and come back even harder. If you make so many movies back to back we do not have enough time to learn and grow, as we are so focused on the particular film. I am using this time to evolve and grow my skills. I have a fantastic wife and son, who always support me and I will always support them, we believe in ourselves and in the future.



DT: For 'English Dogs in Bangkok' you have a solid character and larger speaking role chat about working on the film and perhaps share some things you learn as you gain more and more experience .

RS: 'English Dogs' was an amazing project, also it was the movie I had the most lines. I play with my best friend in Byron Gibson, so we felt very comfortable. That is what you have to be when you act. We did have a lot of rehearsal. There is one scene where I show him the lab where we make the drugs, I explain to him how it works and why it is good to join my business. We took about five or six times to rehearse for that, to get it right. There was so many lines of dialogue, I really got my confidence and more comfortable in acting. I have always been an action guy, but to be honest, I love acting and dialogue. It seems like people put you in a corner saying like you are the action guy you cannot act. So you have to prove double that you can act. In 'English Dogs in Bangkok', I think I can show my acting skills, in a different way, more screen time acting, and dialogue, not just fighting and action. I hope people enjoy the film. I did it as real as I can, it felt real and natural. I had to slap Byron, a few times. We know some people in the Mafia business, and not always you have to be so tough. Some are more laid back, guys can be cool as well. We actually filmed over a few years, it was low budget, and out of the Hollywood Template of filmsWatch English Dogs, it is based partially on a true story. The seedy side of the illegal steroid business.

DT: Wrapping up, are you adding anything to your training sessions learning new skills and are you taking on the task of teaching younger screen fighters the ropes like in a mentorship role?

RS: I am always learning. I am teaching. I teach a few actors here in Thailand. Ting is one of them. I like to give people the proper information to learn and grow. The worst thing one can do is hold back information. I had one guy helping me in Hong Kong back in the day and I never forget that in my life. We should be confident enough in our skills and ability to help others, look at the big stars like Bruce Lee, and Jackie Chan, they are not scared to teach anyone. We do share, we are not holding back on anyone with anything. If people have dreams I respect that as I also had a dream. The worst thing is to cut down people's dreams I know some guys who do that, and it is just terrible they have to look at themselves in the mirror and be honest with themselves. If people have questions, it is good to be honest, and try to make them look good. There are no short cuts, it is important to know this. We share the love of the art, and we cannot lose the creative and sharing with others. Always be confidence and share with others the love of the arts. Life is action, greetings and respect from Thailand!

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