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Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report and readers. Across my desk today comes 'Chick Fight'! My goodness I needed this raunchy action comedy in my life at this time. Back in 2012, I was an extra in 'Rock of Ages' I always enjoyed all the work of Malin Akerman, she has a pizazz and skill that is perfect in almost any genre.

I heard about this movie through the amazingly talented Marissa Labog, whom I interviewed, I also have reviewed her amazing short films, the comedy 'Cleaning House' and the 'When Kids Grow Up' which is very violent, literally stopping me in my tracks to review!

Essentially 'Chick Fight' is like a bigger budget verson of an indie fusion of a comedy and action film. I mean obviously 'Fight Club' is referenced and with the recent surge and success of the 'Glow' series and even the ultra violent recent 'Lady Bloodfight', only adding to the rise of women in lead roles, but this is more a social commentary on life, and hysterically exaggerating norms, wrapped up in an allegorcal action package.

The movie was filmed in Puerto Rico, and the location provides the perfect backdrop for the introduction of Alec Baldwin's literally drunk and disorderly trainer role. Baldwin drinks so much that the bartender is used to having him fall down at the club. He is hysterical, but the comedic performance of the film goes to underground fight promoter and cop, yes one in the same, Dulcé Sloan as Charleen, the things coming out of her mouth made me laugh my ass off! Good stuff! Fortune Feimster as Bear is the 'queen of the ring' and she also provides some crazy funny lines. Marissa Labog, with grace, and timely sarcasm plays a timid librarian, who is not so timid, she has an amazing stunt and action in 'Chick Fight'! Haha! Always growing!

Amazing actress Bella Thorn's Olivia provides a counter to Malin Akerman's Anna. The two really are amazing. Bella has style and flair and is her own debutante. Mailin Akerman, has done so many genre's of films and is at home in all of them. Acting level is raised here for both ladies! Much respect for their unique skill! The entire stunt crew ncluding Bella Thorn's stunt double, Emely Cartagena and Malin's double, Holly Dowell and Fight Choreographer Shauna Galligan, deserve praise, excellent work all around! Ladies RULE in 'Chick Fight'!

What I like here is the dichotomy to the lush tropical scenery to the the fight club atmosphere. Director Paul Leyden merges the styles of action and comedy successfully and Kudos to the entire crew, lighting, sound, everyone was passionate about 'Chick Fight' an over the top, blast of a good time. Forget the haters, if you like R rated comedies, and are not easily offended, 'Chick Fight' rates a strong 8 out of 10, a must own!

Various streaming services have it for rental and purchase now! A naughty gift for all!!

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