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Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report readers. Actress Rachel Grace stops by and chats about her career and her new film 'House of Quarantine'. Rachel has some cool ideas and ways to improve, and shares her experiences. Sit down, relax, grab some tea and read what the talented Rachel has to say!

DMR: Please chat about your background and upbringing, and what made you decide to pursue acting? If you were not acting, what other profession or jobs would you have?

RG: When I was younger I tried a little of everything: dance, choir, band, and theatre. I realized in college I enjoyed acting, but not necessarily on stage. I really enjoy doing commercials and film, and that has been my side job whenever I can. Full time I work as a financial analyst, and I love that job as well! So acting is a fun, creative outlet for me and something enjoyable to do besides finance.

DMR: Chat about your  auditioning processes in general, is there a routine you follow?

RG: When I get an audition I read over the script multiple times without focusing on memorizing the lines. Then I create a story for the character, who are they, what happens before and after this, what is the emotion they’re going through? Once I get this down I memorize the lines.

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DMR: How did you get the part as Macy? Did you test for other roles?

RG: I didn’t know exactly what each character was and what part I was auditioning for. The sides I had were a general female role from what I remember. From what I knew I was just auditioning for one of the college aged students. I think before the audition, casting had an idea of who we could play, but final choices were made after they saw us in person and saw that we were a good fit.

DMR: Interesting how the roles on films can change over time. How long was your portion of the filming process and did you encounter any major changes to your dialogue?

RG: I was on set for every day, but had a lot of downtime between my scenes. I had some changes to dialogue at the end. The ending of the script was adjusted last minute so some of that ended up being improvised.

DMR: Were you able to add any of your own personality to the movie or were things rigidly worked out ahead of time?

RG: I think a lot of it was worked out in the script, we also got direction from the director on what emotions were happening in that moment. From what I remember there wasn’t room for too much extra input from the actors.

DMR: Nice to hear how organized the script and directing was from
Mitesh Kumar Patel What about watching the final product, are you over critical of your performance or do you look for the positives?

RG: I think I will always be over critical of my own work. Since then I have gotten an acting coach and work on scenes and emotions regularly. I am always looking for ways to improve and make the next projects better.

DMR: I love seeing people growing through learning. What is your next project and share some advice that a coach or mentor gave you in your early acting career that has helped you?

RG: I don’t have any huge next projects coming up, although I work on print and commercial work here and there. My acting coach always says, find out the emotion of the scene first. The best scenes always have a clear emotion. In addition to that, it is better to not show emotion on the face but rather have the audience feel what you’re going through by the subtext you’re putting out.

Thank you!
Rachel Grace 

DMR: Thank you Rachel for your time and thoughtful responses 

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